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The Death Tarot Upright: What Does It Mean?

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The Death upright tarot card represents the very real nature of endings and new changes into our lives. Essentially this is a time of both mourning and accepting transition.

Sometimes in the hardest of times, we can’t see the transformation about to emerge. This is the time to see things for what they really are.

The Death Tarot Upright

In life, we’re all afraid to die. In fact, so many places their entire existence in avoiding death. They’ll tip-toe their way through life hoping to get safely to passing on. Is this a good way to live life?

The Death Tarot Upright Meaning

On the flip side, there are those who take life courageously. They take the risks and ultimately pay with some sacrifice. It isn’t easy taking such risks, yet it’s often worth the risk.

Ultimately, we are all going to die. Sometimes it’s merely the fear of leaving others behind, or at other times it’s the fear of leaving things unfulfilled.

Card meaning

We see the Messenger of Death who rides a white horse. This is symbolic of moving on and is seen among scriptures of both past and present.

The Death Tarot Upright Tarot Card Reading

The armour that he wears represents his invisible nature. No matter what – this HAS to happen. He is here to carry you away and the dark nature of the scene is that of mourn and mystery.

The only good that we see here is the white horse, and this leads us to the lighter meaning of this tarot card. It shows the strength and unconditional love of ones soul and that change is on the horizon.

You see – death is about birth and new beginnings, with change and transformation. We see beauty and warmth in this as a natural part of life. Instead of looking at this in dark contrast, we can see the light.

The black flag means that beauty is found in this transformational process, though in the moment this is difficult to see. The boat in the background represents the movement from one place to another, while the young woman, bishop and child represent the very real nature of existence.

New transitions

Life is full of transitions. From old relationships and moving house, to careers and businesses. If you’re a parent, you know full well the very nature of transitions and personal transformations that take place.

From one to the next, this is something that we very much become accustomed to over time. It’s a time to clear away the negative energy and stigma revolving around the passing on. Sudden changes will come unexpectedly and to every single one of us.

This is a signal that it’s time to let go of attachments to living forever or simply holding on. Once we go, we can live a more meaningful and happy life which is of great significance, while moving away from pain and discomfort.

These new transitions won’t initially be easy. It takes time to formulate a new habit or pattern and emerge out the otherside as a new person. This is especially true if we’re in our 50’s and 60’s.

Once this baggage does go, life can show us the glow of the tunnel ahead.

Going forward

It’s time to do a cleanse. Let go of the old energy. You may wish to get out the white sage and do a cleanse in the immediate time. Such heavy energy is really apparent in The Death Tarot Upright yet we can see a more positive meaning here.

Let’s build some more constructive patterns for our life. New opportunities surrround us with many possibilities and opportunities, once this dark period is behind us.

Big and sudden changes are coming your way and it’s time to make preparations.

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