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Digital Yoga Academy: Is Kelly’s Program Any Good?

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Digital Yoga Academy is an online yoga platform run by Kelly McHugh to help you build an online yoga presence while creating an income stream.

In this unbiased review, we’re going to look at what is genuinely offered. Note: We have no commercial business relationship with her platform so we can be totally raw.

Digital Yoga Academy Review

Imagine you’re wanting to teach yoga online. How do you learn? Well, there are a few good places but not many of them are quite structured.

When we first came across Kelly a few months ago, we were intrigued. Is this something that can actually work?

Digital Yoga Academy Review

The Digital Yoga Academy had some bold promises but we weren’t really skeptics. Instead, we wanted to know sustainably what we could expect from a program like this, so we got into it.

What’s on offer

She has two core programs on offer. You’ll find:

  • Success Club. This is an affordable subscription plan for yoga teachers who want to become entrepreneurs. The community here is sweat, supportive and encouraging.
  • The Profitable Yoga Teacher. For those more committed, this 6-month online group program is more in-depth. If you’re serious about the journey, we would choose this one instead.

Note: The Profitable Yoga Teacher enrollment only opens occasionally.

In addition, you can join her coaching program. It’s literally personal coaching with you and her to help you get support and accomplish your goals as a prospective online yoga teacher.

Breaking it down

If you want to pick and choose the content, then you can actually buy one of her mini-courses instead. These include:

  • Building a yoga WordPress website
  • Creating a yoga brand (Hey! That’s what we are. 🙂 )
  • Learning how to do emails with MailChimp
  • How to grow an online audience through social media

All this content is actually apart of her Success Club and Profitable Yoga Teaching academy to some degree.

What we really like

Kelly shares a lot of great content for free. We believe that’s the best way to gain trust and reputation in the marketplace. Give away your best stuff and you’ll build a tribe!

Kelly McCough using Digital Yoga Academy

She also clearly has a lot of experience within online marketing after she’s built more than one business already. Essentially, she’s about time-freedom instead of slaving away as a yoga teacher and stuck in one studio.

Most people become yoga teachers for freedom and unfortunately, most aren’t able to really attain this. Clearly Kelly has done so, given her background as she launched Good Yoga Life in the past.

What could improve

We’ll be honest and say that Kelly could add in more content. She’s still growing her program and so this will take some time. Also, there weren’t as many students as we were expecting.

Using the online course

Also, the price is a little high. She could make this more affordable for the yogis that are financially limited right now. In this case, she does sometimes offer discounts for enrolments into her programs.

Final verdict

So then, should you join her program? If you’re looking for a streamlined approach to yoga, then sure! This certainly beats using YouTube or trying to duct-tape a business together yourself.

We believe with online training programs that you pay either way. You can pay with your money (which in this case, is rather minimal) or you can pay with your time. If you choose the later, it could take many months to get every piece of the puzzle together.

Instead, Kelly has walked the path before and has structured together not just a great program but a great community too. The spirit of encouragement is strong inside there and we’ve certainly learnt a few new strategies towards effective online marketing.

Got questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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