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The Dove Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The dove is one very beautiful spirit animal. If you have encountered one recently in real life or in your dreams, then there is a divine message to learn.

If you’re curious, we’ve covered this beautiful animal quite extensively. In this article, we’ll look at their meaning as a spirit animal.

Dove Spirit Animal Meanings

You’ve come across one of the more spiritually aware beings around. One that speaks to many of us in non-physical ways. Just seeing one of these animals makes us stop and ponder with many questions to ask.

Doves represent our need to go deep in our spiritual growth. As emotional beings, both the dove and us as humans need to find hope and inspiration from within, as opposed to using external sources. When you see a dove, it often means that it’s time to continue on your pathway towards inner growth and enlightenment, with new beginnings on the horizon.

They typically come at a time when we need it most. Have you been going through some difficult challenges? Then what beautiful timing this really is.

In times of hope, we will often see the dove and not just in the world of spiritual enhancement either. Christianity has, for a long time, used the dove as one of their messengers of peace, hope and rebirth.

You don’t need to be religious to admire and seek the spiritual meaning of this beautiful creature. It simply connects you to the divine feminine nature of mother earth and reminds us that everything will be okay. Let that healing light surround you as you carry your way forward with guidance and inspiration.

Dove Animal Totem Positive Traits

If you believe your spirit animal is the dove, then you’re the type that people want to be around. You ooze light and love with your healing power well-known around spiritual circles. People simply want to come around you as your auras are beaming bright and your chakras well-aligned.

You’re the type that’s a joy to be around. Happiness and tranquility are quite common and your light shines bright even in the darkest of places. People appreciate your warmth and non-judgemental viewpoint and envision to posess some of your qualities.

It’s almost like a child-like state of being. People find peace and harmony in the presence and wonder of children, as they will to you as an adult. You love and laugh while smiling brightly and bringing an optimistic view of the future.

Dove Animal Totem Negative Traits

On the negative side of having the dove as your animal totem, you’ll be more likely to attract people with low energies. They want to rise higher and will use you and often pull you down to get what they want. You’ll often be the victim of people attempting to knock you off your trajectory too.

It’s your innocence! They’re trying to get at the very essence of your soul. You’ll need to be extra careful not to display your characteristically warm healing energy in public, as much as you’ll want to. Those who are energy vampires typically want to cling on to you and steal some for themselves.

Also, you’re not the type to stand and fight. You’ll always choose love and light over war and hostility. Unfortunately, this could get you in a lot of trouble if you can’t defend yourself, both physically and spiritually. When people cross the line, you often don’t know how to react as you don’t wish to offend them.

Common facts about Dove Spiritual Symbolism

As the spirit animal of peace, the dove is the divine protector of those who seek salvation. We’ve found some facts you should consider when examining doves and their relation to the spirit world:

1. Doves are called to you when you need light

You’ll go through times in your life when it’s complete darkness. Perhaps you’ve lost someone you loved, or lost a job that you really liked. Some of us go through traumatic relationship breakups where we can’t see light at the end of the tunnel.

When you need that light, the dove is there. It shows us the way forward which we couldn’t see previously. It’s the type of animal that warms our soul yet gets us moving too.

2. They are bringers of hope and inspiration

When you need salvation, then you’ll find the dove spirit animal right there. Good things are on the rise when this experience hapenes and new possibilities come in your direction.

This generally happens at a new dawn. When the storm is over, the dove symbolizes that new beginnings are here and provides you with hope for the future. Don’t despair! It’s time for your personal evolvement.

3. Your soul becomes more relaxed and tranquil

You’ll let a deep breathe in and then another big one out. This is quite common as your soul finds time to finally relax and towards true tranquility. This is a key reason why doves are often seen at spiritual retreats and festivals.

It’s from this place that enrichment can begin once again. It’s now stable and relaxed, while before it was always wondering if all the suffering would actually end.

4. It reminds us of all the love and grace surrounding us

Surrounding our world is much love and grace. When your’e in the darkest of times, this is hard to recognize or even consider – but it’s there. The dove is a strong reminder of what’s truly available to us.

We don’t need others to feel love. Seeing a dove in real life or in our sleep is reminding us of all the love that surrounds the world, and that we were here to shine and become more optimistic about the future.

5. We’re enchanted to become world peacemakers

Seeing doves is our calling. They remind us that the world needs more peacemakers who can solve the bigger problems in the world. It’s from this place of love and light that the dove operates, as shoudl wel.

It’s a roll-call. Are you up to the challenge? Are you willing to bring more warmth and glow to the world when others won’t? Will you lift up others and provide salvation? This is a time to be enchanted by the calling to uplift both our lives and those around us, both strangers and friends.

Common FAQS on Dove Symbolism

What does it mean when I see a dove in my dreams?

If you have just woken from a dream and see a dove, then this represents your need to find hope, grace and salvation. Their unconditional love speaks to our soul and brings stillness to the world.

It’s common to see gives in our dreams when we have been experiencing tough times. Such challenges cause our outlook on life to become bleak, yet the dove is there to reassure us that everything will be okay. We simply need to trust that there is more to life waiting for us, yet for now, we must seek hope and love.

What are mourning doves symbolizing?

Mourning doves have a beautiful melancholy call. This represents new hope and renewed optimism for the world. If you have been seeking peace in your world, then this is your calling from them. New things will come into your physical experience real soon – just wait and be patient.

Are doves sent by angels?

Angels use different animals to send us spiritual messages, and yes, a dove is one animal they prioritize. Our angels send doves to represent our need to find peace and tranquility in our chaotic physical lives, and to carve out time to rest and find harmony.

By sending these beautiful creatures, our angels are fulfilling their life’s work. Doves represent peace much like many of the angels do, as well as new hope and beginnings.

Do doves come from heaven?

Doves are physical creatures that exist on earth. They didn’t come from heaven or were they sent by God, though they represent much of what we can expect in heaven. These include peace, tranquillity and oneness. Pure divinity and love.

The doves remind us that heaven on earth can exist. We don’t need to wait, as our physical lives can embody many of the same traits of the higher world. This includes love, light, hope and salvation. In essence, doves are transmitting messages from heaven as best they can.

What does it mean when doves cross your path?

There is never a coincidence that a dove crosses your path. It’s there to bring awareness to new light and hope that is coming into our lives real soon. We may need to just hang on for a little while longer.

Peace, hope and inspiration is what the dove is attempting to bring us in the moment. It’s ultimately up to us to receive this gift and fully understand the message, or simply dismiss it. The former is ideally what will lead us to a more positive and brighter future.

Are doves spiritual animals?

Doves are routinely referenced in spirtual books around the world. They are also find in christian books as well as the self-help and new age industry as bringers of love and light.

They are seldom found in witchcraft and spell books. This is because the doves bring love and light where as such books generally reference the dark energies of the planet.

Do they represent a sign of good luck?

Yes! Seeing a dove is a sign of good luck as it’s very likely that you have gone through some hard times. The good luck isn’t likely to be like winning the lottery, but they do represent the warmth and glow of what is to come into our soul.

As we come into this place, they will remind us that we create our own good luck. You’ll start to feel enlightened and more positive, and thus can make progress towards your ultimate quest in life.

Do white doves mean death?

Sometimes seeing a white death in a dream or real life repreesents death. At other times, it can represent hope and rebirthing. That is to say – new light is coming into our world from this moment onwards.

If you have experienced a recent death in your family, then this could be your loved one passing on a message that everything will be okay. White doves are here to provide much needed light and love during the difficult times, but don’t represent that a death is looming. They appear after a death has occured in most cases.

What is the spiritual meaning of a pair of doves?

When you see two doves together, then this represents the divine healing force that can happen between two people. If you have been challenged by someone close to you with a relationship that isn’t working, then they remind you that love and hope is ever-present.

Essentially, it’s our chance to rekindle. To find a place in our soul where each of us can meet and sort out the differences. They will provide wisdom and guidance to get us through difficult relationships.

Final thoughts

Doves are absolutely beautiful creatures – both physically and spiritually. They bring us much guidance, warmth and tranquility while reminding us of the new world that is evolving.

For the hard times we’ve been through, we now know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our own light is illuminated and thus, the dove moves on to the next soul who needs to harness such healing energy.

It’s time to see the world again as a blank canvas. We’re here for so much more and to bring peace, live, stillness and harmony to the world, at both a local and global scale. As we heal ourselves, we can heal others. The best time to begin is right now!

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