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DoYogaWithMe Review: Why Did We Join Their Online Yoga?

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DoYogaWithMe is an online yoga platform. Are you ready to join it? Wait and read our review first as we’ll share with you our experiences.

This isn’t the first time that the Yocean Yogi team has joined an online yoga platform. In fact, we’ve covered some of the best online yoga platforms available right now.

DoYogaWithMe Review

The community here looked massive to us. In fact, it looked like there was 100,000 people per month on their website.

And you’ll find reasssuring comments from yogis from around the world about how great this platform is for paid members.

So we joined and decided to take a look:

DoYogaWithMe Review

Yes, we got on the inside for a full audit and evaluation. Please note that we don’t have a business relationship with DoYogaWithMe and our opinions are unbiased and unpaid.

The content

For the minimal price you pay, this is certainly one of the better platforms out there. It’s less Instagram and more real and authentic. The studio and teaching environments do change depending on the teacher with this feeling more like grassroots, not corporate-driven.

DoYogaWithMe Premium Review

And the best part? It’s more accepting of guys. One of the biggest hindrances towards online yoga is the lack of classes for guys to join unfortunately. We’ve advocated for months that platforms should place a greater emphasis for guys to use yoga as a way to reduce the inflamation from sports and excessive gym use. DoYogaWithMe is that solution.

DoYogaWithMe Popular classes

The quality

The quality certainly isn’t as crisp as other platforms. The lighting and sound quality could be significantly better given that they charge similar to other platforms on the market.

DoYogaWithMe student experiences

It seems as though the microphone with some teachers is simply clipped too far away. On the other hand, with the outdoor classes, the outdoor sounds really do distract from the experience.

But as for asanas, the flow is very good between movements with both beginners and experienced yogis able to transition and follow along quite easily.

Students who join

Typically it’s those who prefer to do yoga from home or travel often that will benefit from this platform naturally, but that’s the case with other platforms too. So then, is there a certain class of student here? Yes.

It’s less the rich Instagram person with perfection and more the genuine, warm and authentic individual with a couple of flaws. Let’s admit it – we all have them.

Most students are 30+ and simply want online yoga without the distractions of YouTube.

What could improve

So then, with that in mind, how can it get better? Well the sound and video quality could feel more like 2020 and less like 2003. But then again, their yoga tutorials are done on a budget and therefore those savings are passed on to you.

The biggest improvement we feel is the mindfulness content. We’d love to see more content on meditation and vegetarian cooking as well as documentaries. We recently reviewed Gaia which provides this and much more at a similar price point.

In summary

Our experiences have shown that this is quite a good yoga practice platform with room for improvement. For now, it’s not the best but they are certainly more authentic and more real. You won’t find makeup and sugar-coating with DoYogaWithMe as it’s simply yoga without the commercial associations.

For the right student, it’s the perfect platform and one that does away with the need to be the perfect student. We’d recommend this as supplementary to visiting a real yoga studio during the week.

Have you used this platform before? Are you about to join up? Let us know in the comments below.

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