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Dru Yoga Review: Is Their Yoga Membership Worth It?

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Dru Yoga is a very well-known online yoga membership, but is it worth it? They have online classes available through their membership.

We decided to road-test their platform and thus we created this review based on our experiences. Please note that we don’t have a business or commercial relationship with Dru Yoga and are merely sharing our good vibes and experiences of the online yoga platform for Australians and those in the United Kingdom.

So with that in mind, let’s roll out that mat!

Dru Yoga Review

This isn’t our first rodeo. That is – we’ve been through numerous platforms before. As a result, we can ascertain if this is any good and worth if for students to enroll.

When assessing any online yoga platform, we look at a range of factors including cost, yoga styles, number of classes and frequency of live streams.

So out came the credit card and we decided to become a formal member.

Dru Yoga Review

We’re really into our online yoga but we do recommend that you use this as supplementary to real studio practice. There’s an element of connection in the real world that is impossible to replicate virtually.

The classes

We really love the amount of videos inside the membership platform. What we noticed with other platforms is that they get boring after a while using the same teacher and same studio setting.

Instead, Dru Yoga has taken a different approach. There are dozens of teachers who all teach in a different setting with classes most commonly held outdoors.

You can choose between Yatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and many more.

It’s more than yoga

What’s fantastic is that this is more than just asanas. Most platforms only cater for your time on the mat, where as Dru Yoga has heaps of content for those who want to grow more spirutualy.

Let’s say you want to achieve something remarkable. Through this platform, you can achieve just that through their blueprint.

They also have several classes on ayurveda and nutrition. Indeed there are many health talks and interviews with leading experts in the field of mudras, natural healing and manifestation.

It could improve

The site layout is the biggest letdown here. We would recommend that they hire some experts to really overhaul the website as it doesn’t really display as much trust.

For example – there is a lack of branding. The graphics also just feel old like 1999. That said – Dru Yoga has been running for 23 years now.

In terms of the actual content, the videos are crisp and the sound is clear. It’s just the dashboard they use and the onboarding process isn’t so attractive.

The right student

Students who join Dru Yoga are typically those more serious about their yoga journey. They’re off YouTube and on to a platform where the distractions are limited.

It’s certainly more of an older demographic here. Students are often 40+ and have time to go through the modules and content.

The cost isn’t a barrier and we feel they are charging a fair amount for this platform.

The right student also is frustrated with the fancy photos on social media and simply wants to return to the true essence of yoga. That authentic feel is certainly present here.

Getting started

So they would we recommend Dru Yoga? Yes we would. But we would also recommend that they upgrade their platform to make it feel more like this decade.

Or perhaps their approach is a better fit for their target demographic who doesn’t want fancy which is working well for them.

For us – we’ll be continuing our membership. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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