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The Earthworm Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The Earthworm spirit animal speaks to those who are really to channel a new course in their life. This will resonate with you if you feel that you’ve been stuck on the same path for too long.

Their spiritual symbolism certainly rings true for some people. Essentially:

The Earthworm represents the need to focus in on a singular new direction in our physical lives. Spiritually, you have probably felt for some time that you aren’t in the right pathway. This animal totem is connecting with you to invite you to switch directions and then focus intently until the mission is complete.

During this new journey, you’ll flow with much respect, healing and personal growth. Indeed many would call you an earth angel and the one who does work without the noticing of others.

Most Common Earthworm Animal Totems

You’re the type of person who does work which no one really notices. In fact, it’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make all things happen in harmony.

Most Common Earthworm Animal Totems

The Earthworm spirit animal speaks to those who care deeply about environmental issues. You’re definitely the gardener who even enjoys a spot of Permaculture in their weekly dose of self improvement.

For you, it’s a case of doing work for Gaia. You’re very connected to source energy and want the best for the world. This indeed starts at a grassroots level before transpiring to global remediation.

You’ll focus on the earth and what can be harmonized. You want the soil to be enriched and the world to live organically, just as we have lived for thousands of years. For you, science does need to take the backseat at times.

This is a rare spirit animal. After all, no one really wants to admit that they identify as an Earthworm, unless we’re talking about children. That said – you really love to get your hands dirty and your fingernails probably aren’t the cleanest as you read this.

Your community

You really help the world by helping your community. You care little about the judgements of others or the need to work long hard hours in jobs or businesses. Being in the garden is so much more fun! You’ll spend days here if you could.

You’re more than happy to help your community through gardening efforts and enriching the soil. You’ll stick to one thing before moving on to the next, knowing that each thing works together in unison. Thus, you believe in the importance of systems and processes, despite your sustainable outlook on life.

Seeing an earthworm in dreams

Interpreting the meaning behind seeing earthworms in dreams is quite interesting. Essentially, you’ve been shown the earthworm because you need to focus. This is why it visited you in your dream last night. Stick to one thing and stay committed.

There are so many people who keep wriggling around and don’t commit to one thing. You need to figure out what it is that you’re aiming for in life and go straight towards it. Sometimes you might go off the track but just remember, so does everyone else! No one is perfect, but ensure you are truly committed to the process ahead.

Going forward

You offer the world so much more, yet so few people can see your work. You don’t mind actually, because for you it isn’t about the glam. In fact, you’d rarely spend much time on social media.

Being quiet and reserved is typical, but those who identify with the Earthworm spirit animal are focused on their work. They’ll get it done…even if it takes longer than expected! Ultimately, this is the animal which speaks of one direction and focus.

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