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EkhartYoga Review: Is It Any Good?

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EkhartYoga is one of the United Kingdom’s biggest online yoga platforms where you can do classes in programs. Our review is based on personal experiences.

We’re making this very much unbiased. There is no commercial relationship between us and EkhartYoga.

Let’s begin.

EkhartYoga Review

After joining in the free trial for EkhartYoga, we were amazed to see inside the Dashboard:

EkhartYoga Review

Now, this isn’t our first time reviewing an online yoga platform. In fact, we’ve showcased many platforms here on our blog during the last few months.

And you know what? Most of them are pretty ordinary in their layout. The design team just hasn’t put in the effort. With this platform, it’s very much in-tune with the yoga lifestyle.

If you want to feel calm and connected at this time, then this platform is for you.

It’s separated into 3 core areas:

  • Play which features Classes, Programs and Playlists
  • Pause which features Articles and Resources for mindful reading
  • Connect where you can engage with teachers, join real workshops and the academy

It’s a rock-solid platform for those keen to make lee-way in their yoga journey.

The ‘Play’ Content

For most people, this is where you’ll spend your time. EkhartYoga has its classes and programs within the ‘Play’ side of its platform.

EkhartYoga Online classes

There are a total of 3815 yoga videos inside EkhartYoga. That’s a sensational amount and we’ve not come across a yoga platform that has more than this.

Note: Some of the classes are cut down into bite-sized content. We’d estimate 1,000 actual classes inside their paid members area.

And these aren’t pre-recorded group classes either. We’re talking Made-For-Ekhart type of content. There are also many different styles of yoga to choose from and you can chose between the length and level of the class that you’re seeking.

The navigation here is super easy and a search bar makes it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Instead of casual yoga classes, you might want a full program:

EkhartYoga Student platform
We recommend structure and the Ekhart program’s are a solid choice

Here is where you can join along in a series with the same teacher over several weeks. It’s a set program designed for those who want a schedule and plan to follow.

The least popular place is their Playlists:

The membership playlists
You can create your own Playlist with the EkhartYoga platform

We saw some people following these Playlists that others have created. It’s similar to Pinterest where you see what others on the platform are tagging.

Taking a pause

Yoga isn’t all about Asanas. Sometimes we need to step back and soak in some wisdom.

Articles on the platform

This is where the ‘Pause’ section is helpful as there are articles and resources to help you on the journey. And in the resources section, we can learn how to do Asanas properly:

We don’t imagine this part of the membership area to be as popular but certainly helpful, especially if you’re a beginner to the world of yoga. Without a class and teacher in person, sometimes it’s hard to correct inproper poses.

A chance to connect

A lot of online yoga platforms miss the community element. Indeed this is the biggest thing missing when you transition to online yoga platforms. Esther Ekhart has clearly seen this shortcoming and has an entire section dedicated to this.

You can see her full panel of teachers as well as guest teachers. What we love about her teachers is that they’re human. They’re real and authentic. No filters or fancy Instagram shots. There are also wonderful guest teachers that come to join the party from time to time.

What’s unique is the workshops as this is where the real community is formed. It’s a chance to go to real classes with others who use this platform. Often these are weekend workshops and retreats held around the world.

Finally – if you’re up to it, you can join the EkhartYoga Academy and learn how to become a yoga teacher online. We actually wouldn’t recommend this approach (offline is so much better and real) but it’s certainly a solid option.

In summary

What you’ll find here is great value. It’s designed for the yogi, not built by software engineers. The platform has a heart-centered feel to it.

What’s really missing is the yoga wisdom in video-form. If we had to be critical, it’s that element. After all, yoga isn’t all about the mat.

But as for sheer value and the volume of classes on offer, it’s hard to go past this platform.

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