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Exceptional Ron Review: Is This Another Psychic Scam?

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You’ve probably stumbled across Exceptional Ron just now and decided to do some research online. Is it yet another scammy and pretend medium who lacks legitimacy?

The Yocean Yogi team loves spiritual and psychic development and we love those in this space to have a warm and humbling experience. When we come across questionable characters then we need you to be well informed!

Exceptional Ron Overview

There is an interesting story with this so-called ‘Ron’ guy. He has claimed to have been born on a flight and saved the President’s life among other things. Apparently he’s been in hiding for 30+ years now which is quite the feat.

He certainly does twist quite the story that talks about how incredible he really is and how he can bring you to the promised land of fortunes. Unfortunately, it appears to be just a fortune for him.

You see – all the legitimate psychic readers and mediums on the planet DON’T talk themselves up. They are just simply humble and human as they come. No need to boast about why you should part ways with your hard-earned money.

Psychic development

In fact, there are a few key websites where you can find the better folk who genuinely have experience, customer testimonials and much more and are rated independently.

How he helps

Exceptional Ron doesn’t do phone calls. He doesn’t do video calls. He won’t pre-record anything for you. As with any questionable psychic readers out there….everything is done via instant message.

Why? Because apparently that’s the best way to avoid judgement and perception. So he can feel your energetic field and energy. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

“He” may not actually be a he at all. It may be a team whose sole job is to provide ‘free’ readers in the hope to get you eventually paying up a few bucks.

Once they get slammed with negative reviews of Exceptional Ron, then they simply move on to the next website build. Chaaaaa…ching! ?

Researching Psychic Readers

When you do investigate self-proclaimed psychics as we often do, then you need to keep this in mind. The entire industry already has a low amount of legitimacy due to travelling gypsies and mystics and this website appears to be no different.

Exceptional Ron Overview

Some psychic readers prey on those which are in dire straits. When the subject of money and paying them or refunds comes into mind, then there is always a well-crafted story.

Apparently he needs you to pay him to “perform the specific rituals” but otherwise he would do them for free. When you look closer at his website, you’ll see that the website is for entertainment purposes only.

This then raises the question: Is Exceptional Ron a psychic healer or circus clown?

Good work on you doing your research. We’ve taken the guesswork out of whether you should use their website. We say ‘their’ because there is evidently a team behind the website.

Exceptional Ron Debunked?

We beleive the Exceptional Ron website could be a scam. There is no evidence on YouTube that this character exists and generic praise on his testimonials page. Indeed there are clients who felt that they haven’t gotten their money’s worth.

What’s important when seeking spiritual guidance is looking for those who are genuine and authentic. Look for real human beings who are verified, authentic and legitimate. Even better – those which offer a money-back guarantee.

Avoid those who are merely trying to get your email address. Real psychic readers are everywhere, but so too are the fake ones.

If you’re going through a tough time, consider the use of healers as only one part of the greater picture. You may wish to reach out to professional services in such times of need.

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