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Find What Feels Good Membership Review

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Are you curious about the Find What Feels Good membership created by Adriene? It’s certainly a good online yoga class membership that we decided to review.

Also, we want to share some popular alternatives that you might not know about at this time. Likewise, we’ll help you with that FWFG discount code that you’re looking for right now.

Let’s begin.

Find What Feels Good Membership Review

The app and the membership that Adriene Mishler has created is certainly popular with yogis. With so much awesome free content on YouTube, the question is “Should I pay extra for the membership?” because at $100 USD per year, it’s certainly a little expensive.

Then again, there are 600 videos awaiting members on the inside. Some of these will never be seen publicly. We decided to have a good look and see.

Find What Feels Good Membership Review

Those within the RYA/FWFG community have monthly yoga calendars and themes to follow. By doing this, Adriene creates some structure unlike her YouTube videos which, like many other influencers, are mostly random.

That is, they lack structure week to week. You merely pick and choose the class you want. It doesn’t feel as genuine as a yoga studio while inside paid membership options, it always does.

The premium content

YouTube really is a place for those new to yoga to discover the path. After some time, it’s envisioned that students will progress with paid offerings.

Find What Feels Good Membership Yoga with Adriene

In terms of Adriene, she has solid value offerings that only members get:

  • Access to her live classes and events
  • Access to the 30 Days of Yoga series
  • Numerous premium courses
  • Off the mat series where Adriene gets raw and real
  • You can also access her true, revolution and yoga camp series

And for only $10/month (less with a discount code), it’s certainly cheaper than a single yoga class in person.

Find What Feels Good criticism

So with so much value offered, what is the main issues with Adriene’s FWFG membership site? Well, it stems around two things:

  1. By choosing to do yoga online, students are separating themselves from real yoga studios. This can have its pros and cons, but we’ve routinely noticed that most students won’t take the journey as seriously as they would do in a genuine yoga studio. For the best outcome, Joining Find What Feels Good should be complimentary to an existing and regular class.
  2. There is already so much content on YouTube and $100 for the annual subscription is out of reach for some people. When you give away so much for free, it can be more challenging to find genuine value to offer your audience.

Neither of these are hard-line negatives and merely observations. FWFG is a solid and premium yoga training arena.

Best alternative

Of course there are numerous good alternatives out there. YouTube is full of home-style videos teaching you how to do yoga.

Doing yoga as a student

Easily the best alternative is a Udemy course. You can often get these for under $20 as a one-time payment with no subscription needed. However, Adriene often gives discounts/coupons for her training program making this very affordable too.

How much does Yoga with Adriene make on YouTube?

Teaching yoga online now is big business. Adriene Mishler makes up to $10,000 per month with her ‘Yoga With Adriene’ series with a net worth of around 1 million dollars.

However, things didn’t start that way. She had to work incredibly hard to get to where she is today. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and her only baby is the 4-legged kind. Her baby dog died on April 29, 2014.

In summary

Doing yoga at home is a wise choice and if you’ve found your favorite YouTuber, it’s always easy to support their work. The reviews surrounding the Yoga With Adrian online premium membership are quite positive with students genuinely enjoying the experience.

Yet…you should also envision heading into the real world from time to time. Continue going along to real yoga classes with other students in the studio, while using the FWFG membership to back yourself up on the days when you don’t feel like venturing far from home.

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