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The Five of Wands Upright: What Does It Mean?

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The Five of Wands upright tarot card represents our need to find harmony and cooperation in the moment of creation. If you’re working in a team, then it is indeed a communal effort.

If you have struggled with comparing your talents to others, then this is the tarot card for you.

The Five of Wands upright

We often want to feel victorius. It’s just human nature. We want to feel ‘above’ all others.

The Five of Wands upright meaning

Even if we play small in life, there is still the human need to evolve. To be better. To develop our skills and knowledge. We want to aspire to win and manifest all the goodness in the world.

Is life really a competition? Not really. Today we’re living in the best time in recorded history. Humans have unified. Technology has helped us realize how similar we really are. Cooperation is key to find our way through this divine creation process.

Card meaning

The Five of Wands upright is a ‘No’ tarot card. We have done this love psychic reading using the Rider-Waite series though you may use any that you desire.

Psychic reading of The Five of Wands upright

We see children playing with sticks. They have chosen to cooperate adn work together. There appears to be no leader here, though everyone is working along. No one has said “I’ll do the whole lot, the rest of you can relax!” – Oh no. They have chosen to build this structure together.

Is it a fort? An indian teepee tent? Either way – it’s something that requires the input of more than one mind. Clearly they all have similar ideas with each holding one stick.

What’s winning is the team effort. What’s lacking is the strategy. Harmony and balance requires working together with a tangible end game. As a group, we collectively need to know where we are heading.

This is why this isn’t a completed project yet. There is still some bickering. They haven’t yet worked out what they ultimate want to achieve, nor is there any genuine leadership. These children appear to want to go their own way at times.

It’s times like these that they need to pause and rethink their approach. Will it genuinely work out as it is? Very unlikely. We can’t fight our way to completion as a group.

Unity of cooperation

Groups need to be better aligned in their thinking. When we look at couples undertaking a love reading with the 5 of wands reversed, we can better understand this tarot card.

Indeed a couple, whether de facto or married, can ease conflict and find reasoning very easily. They will work out things for the greater good of each other. Soon enough things will be back to normal.

In a group, things are inherently more difficult. Such groups at a young age struggle to find unity and cooperativeness. Instead of arguments, each individual could find a skill that they excel at. That’s unity.

We are all unique and have individual traits and characteristics. Indeed we have flaws too. Comparing our skills to those of others isn’t conducive to our physical, mental or spiritual growth.

Instead, recognize what you have inside of you and what you can offer to a group. Indeed they may have skills that can make way for your weakness.

Together today

The world has finished the middle ages. There is no need to fight any longer. We as humans have discovered how close knit we really are as indiivduals.

Tarot card reading

We have gifts that the world needs to see, yet the world doesn’t need to see us compete. It’s well past that stage. The mainstream media would want to have you believe otherwise but they have an agenda to serve.

Find ways to cooperate. It’s the only way forward.

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