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The Four Of Cups Upright: What Does It Mean?

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The Four Of Cups Upright tarot means that we must schedule time for meditation and contemplation during the journey. Such thoughts bring with them much offerings.

The Four of Cups Upright

We all need our time out. This time is where we can find a chance to relax and evaluate our next move in life. Luckily each year, more and more people are finding their way into meditation.

The Four of Cups Upright meaning

Whether you can find daily time away from the hectic schedule of life or even a full weekend, it’s important that we do retreat to a sanctuary. This helps fuel our inner world so we can be ever so present in our outer world.

Finding our way into this alignment is important not just for us, but for those around us. By healing the heart we’ll typically find our way into more meditative states of mind.

Card meaning

The Four of Cups upright is a ‘No’ tarot card. In a love reading it means the need for retreating and later realigning with those who you adore. We conduct our psychic readings using the Rider-Waite series.

Our psychic card analysis of The Four of Cups Upright

We see this young man sitting under the tree. He looks relaxed in a deep meditative state and is completely unaware of the surroundings. The outstretched arm represents offerings which go unnoticed.

The tree symbolizes the need to be grounded and to find cover to escape. For him this place works. For you, a quiet place at home could be just what you need to find peace in our crazy world.

Here the man has chosen to take some time away. His journey is still beginning yet he values the time where he can relax. He has space to grow and nurture his inner world which later translates to his outer world.

Reflection time

This is your calling to begin reflecting on the current progress you’ve made. Head into a state of meditation or simply join a yoga class and bask in the savasana at the end.

Such quietness of the mind is vital if you are to truly ground yourself. The young man uses the tree while you may choose earthing. This means taking off your shoes and putting your feet on the grass. This divine connection with Gaia leads to warmth and healing in your journey through life.

Don’t dwell on thoughts that reflection time is wasted. It isn’t! Such time is important to recharge your batteries and ascend further up the ladder. You’ll soon overtake those who didn’t get this chance to rest.

This time also helps you if you become distracted, bored or disinterested in the journey. Perhaps you need a vacation and a time to ‘go wild’ for a few days. Returning home will give you a renewed love for your personal quest. After all, life isn’t all about work.

Appreciate the time you spend here. It won’t come around often especially for the young parents who often frequent our website. Soon others will need your attention but you’ll come from a place of fully showing up in the world.

Going forward

There is a cost of taking out this time to draw your mind inwards and reflect. That cost is your time. You’ll need to set aside a few hours per week to relax. Initially you may just wish to start off with reading one of your favourite books and later decide to simply meditate instead.

While this is a cost, there is another bigger cost if you don’t do this. That is the cost of missed opportunities. When you’re working hard it’s easy to get bogged down in the tasks at hand. You can’t look up and see new horizons and opportunities before you.

Such possibilities are there and others are claiming their fair share, but you’ll simply miss out on this round. Instead of missing out, carve out this much needed time. Your soul will thank you.

You’re overdue for some relaxation. Don’t be afraid to start right now.

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