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The Four of Pentacles Reversed: What Does It Mean?

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The Four of Pentacles reversed essentially means we want to aim for greater security and avoid behaviours that aren’t moving us towards stability.

The Four of Pentacles Reversed

While the meaning of this tarot card does revolve around financial security, it also warms against the pursuit of material possessions. As you’ve no doubt heard many times on the spiritual journey, our achievements require the balance of success while staying true to our authentic selves.

The Four of Pentacles Reversed meaning

If you’re not feeling at peace, then perhaps this is a great time to evaluate your circumstances. Is there something blocking your path? Are you feeling in a lack-of state?

As with any card, we can dwell in the moment as well as seeing the potential for growth and change – both within ourselves and those that surround us.

Analyzing the card

Now let’s look specifically at the card. We see a man that is a bit miserly that appears to have had challenges early in his life. Perhaps that happened is his childhood.

Psychic reading of The Four of Pentacles Reversed

Many of us have suffered in our childhood. From poverty and food stamps based on the financial constraints that we endure to emotional and mental anguish. Such experiences are likely to stay well ingrained into our adult lives.

We then have a choice. Do we follow that same path or re-write the books? For many, we do choose the latter. The Four of Pentacles does depict a man who has become very wealthy in order to prove his worth in the world…but something is amiss.

As such a cliche, he never felt fulfilled. He worked tirelessly day in and day out. Feelings of emptiness and insecurity flooded his mind despite his vast material wealth.

It wasn’t just material either. He had the power that he never got to experience in his childhood days. Likewise, he had achieved remarkable success despite the odds.

Yet it still wasn’t enough. He wasn’t fulfilled. He simply didn’t have a connection to spirit. His pursuits were never grounded and he always felt this lack of connection.

So the lesson for us is quite obvious. Our life’s work is based on a holistic pursuit. By all means – strive for financial abundance as it certainly ain’t bad! However, basing your success on the approval of others, at the very end of the journey, to finally feel good, simply isn’t…happiness.

Spiritual behavior management

We need to be mindful of our spiritual behaviours. By listening to our true nature, we can discover our inner security to get us through the tough times.

As important as spiritiaul behaviours are, so too are physical behavours. You don’t need to check your phone for the 100th time this hour, nor do you need to watch another hour of YouTube.

Instead, find true tranquillity with meditation. Whether that’s a yoga class, a weekend retreat or a psychic development workshop, look at what can help us improve on this journey.

Stepping forward

We believe in you. We believe you have unlimited power and potential to bring forward the world that you have envisioned for so long. You don’t need to linger in a world of bitter self-talk.

Tarot card presentation 4 of pentacles

This work won’t be easy. You may wish to join a yoga class or visit a spiritual retreat centre to find inner balance and understanding of yourself. From there, build a vision board and a compelling vision of your future.

The universe has you all the way!

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