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The Giraffe Spirit Animal and Animal Totem Meanings

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The Giraffe Spirit Animal is one that works for some of us. A mighty beautiful animal that means no harm for individuals.

Therefore, the giraffe represents those who accept their unique differences and realize that there is nothing to hide. No masks or hiding behind a veil. The giraffe spirit animal is yours if you feel perfectly comfortable in your unique weirdness.

It can forge a strong bond to you if you’re the type of person with a big heart and open soul.

Common Giraffe Animal Totem Meanings

This is the animal that is accepting of itself. It knows it can’t change anything and thus, it simply moves on easily with its life. Self-love is quite evident here.

Common Giraffe Animal Totem Meanings

The most common meaning is to begin loving ourselves first, as does the Giraffe. Once you do, others will love you back. Don’t think that you’re someone that you’re not.

We’re reminded to embrace the weirdness of our lives. Those things that we perceive as imperfect and what others might judge as flaws, are simply unique characteristics of our lives.

We must simply present ourselves as real. Being ‘that’ character on social media just isn’t us.

You must be mastering the desire to stand out when others would simply hide. There is no hiding such beauty and elegance! You are prominent and necessary to shine light in the world.

Be a kind soul that is strong and brave. Others might ridicule you, but up there you certainly can’t hear!

Giraffe Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re definitely unique! In fact, you feel very happy about this and wouldn’t have it any other way. Many people appreciate your gentle nature and good spirits.

Your intuition is alive and well. You can sense love, connection, fear and hatred from others without even them being present in the room. Many people see you as ‘switched on’ with a clear vision of the physical and spiritual world.

People love your warm nature and how comfortable you are in your own skin. This gives them permission to try something new and become more creative in the process.

Giraffe Spirit Animal Negative Traits

It’s quite typical that you’re reluctant to do anything socially big. A quiet night is much more preferred than a big group of friends. Some might see your rejections as you being a supremist.

Your well-developed emotional states and being the listening type does help others, but you yourself struggle to get heard. It almost seems like no one can see the challenges you face up there.

You might also try to talk down on people, or at least that’s the way it is perceived. Sharing gossip when you shouldn’t sometimes gets you in trouble.

Seeing a giraffe when sleeping

Did you see a giraffe recently in a dream? This means that you can’t keep living within the limitations of others. You are an individual with unique characteristics, and thus, should be comfortable in your own skin accomplishing the things that feel dear to your heart.

Seeing a giraffe when sleeping

The giraffe in the wild cares little about the judgement of others. You should consider the same thought process.

Calling on your Giraffe Spirit Animal

There are certainly times when you should call on your spirit animal, such as:

  • When you had a dream about a giraffe
  • You’re ready to explore new heights of creation
  • You want to become more comfortable in your awkwardness
  • The past events leave you overwhelmed, though you can’t change anything
  • Your mind is racing and you can’t get in total control

This is an ideal time to get in touch with the symbolism of this animal. This wouldn’t be a bad idea and indeed many people take this option and discover new things about their life!

Closing thoughts

Giraffes are such majestic creatures that we all love and adore. We can’t ignore how comfortable they are in their own skin. The spiritual messsage and meaning here is that we must posess the same qualities within ourselves.

We are born to shine and let go of the judgements of others. Allow ourselves to be free and consciously create our own worlds, free of the perceptions of others. Let yourself today become a shining example of greatness.

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