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Glofox Review: Is It Worth It For Yoga Studios?

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Glofox looks great on the surface, but is it worth it for your yoga studio? Good question! We’ve done the research and have found user experiences.

Glofox Review

Retaining more members and enrolling new ones is the focus of even the alternative woke yoga studio owner. If the numbers don’t add up, then it’s hard to keep the doors open and the classes flowing.

Glofox Review
Using Glofox for the first time is quite the experience.

Now, that starts with you maintaining proper records. Using a paper-based system is a terrible idea and is very unprofessional, while using a cheap system also has its flaws. As is often the case, you simply get what you pay for.

We’ve written this review of Glofox without a commercial business connection. Essentially this is as unbiased as they come and we’ve targetted this towards yoga studio owners.

So with that in mind, let’s begin.

The software

The product itself is actually reasonably good. While they help fitness centres predominantly, there are plenty of yoga, pilates and barre studios on their books. If you’re looking to better manage your studio, then this is the place to begin.

There are 6 core areas:

  1. Studio Management. This is where you can manage classes, students can book themselves in as well as check-in for classes. Essentially it’s a semi-automated approach to student management.
  2. Membership Management. With this you can create and manage a range of membership plans all within the one portal. Contracts and renewals are easy to see as are seasonal sign-up offers.
  3. Payment Processing. One of the biggest challenges of existing software platforms is that the payment is often done on another system. With Glofox, that’s really done in-house. This includes cash and electronic payments too.
  4. Personalized Mobile App. Your own clients can have the app on their phone and book themselves into classes, purchase memberships or even buy things from your online store.
  5. Member Engagement. Need to send out notifications? This is where you can do it. This includes SMS, push and emails sent directly within the App without any technical knowledge needed.
  6. Detail reporting. Growing your membership means knowing your numbers. Luckily, this app showcases your membership numbers in detail and growth over time including the financial metrics that keep your business growing.

You’ll find other software platforms offer similar but are often more stripped-down versions and cost significantly less.

Glofox for yoga studios

We believe there are better options out there for yoga studios though Glofox is perfect if you have several yoga studios under the same umbrella such as a franchise. The one we’re seeing consistently is MindBodyOnline which helps the smaller yoga studios manage their enrolments.

Such alternatives often also cost much less than $50 per month. When you only have 20 to 40 members then this cost saving is quite significant.

User experiences

The Glofox reviews are mixed though mostly positive. The complaints generally stem from the price and occasional bugs.

Students who use this platform are generally quite impressed by what they experience. It’s certainly more streamlined than checking websites or social media profiles for class updates.

Teachers also don’t need to get in touch with the yoga studio that they’re partnered with. You see – all the data is right there within the app.

Clearly, this is one company going in the right direction here.

In summary

Glofox might have an odd name but a very expansive team. Based in Ireland, they have certainly made their mark in the world of health and wellness studio management.

The price is often a little off-putting for the smaller studios that just need a basic system. If you’re looking to scale a smaller studio or already have a large presence, then Glofox might be exactly what you’re needing to manage every aspect of your business.

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