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The Goat Spirit Animal

This Is Everything You Wanted To Know

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Lisa Taylor

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This is the definitive guide to the goat animal totem for 2021.

This took 6 hours of drawing upon a recent experience I had.

You see, I was at my friend’s farm where I was meditating in the field.

Fortunately, her goats typically leave me alone so I could focus on the process.

So if you’re curious to know:

➜ If the goat is your spirit animal for this lifetime

➜ What the common meanings of the animal totem are

➜ The positive and negative traits of this spirit animal

➜ When you should call upon your spirit animal

➜ Unusual and mystical facts about the goat symbolism

Then you’re about to discover what I felt in my meditative experience.

Let’s begin!

Goat Spirit Animal FAQs (July 2021)

Common Goat Spirit Animal Meanings

Common meanings of the goat spirit animal are:

➜ Embarking on exciting adventures with blessings

➜ Working harder on the things which truly matter

➜ Being resilient in times of uncertainty and change

➜ Attention towards emotional and mental health

➜ Allowing feelings of guilt and resentment to pass

Positive Traits

Positive traits of the goat spirit animal are:

➜ You are a free spirit who often enjoys exploration

➜ You have the strength to persevere in tough times

➜ You crave to accomplish real and exciting missions

➜ You can scale towards success where others can’t

➜ You work well in both teams and alone by yourself

Negative Traits

Negative traits of the goat spirit animal are:

➜ You can often take on more than you can handle

➜ It’s hard for you to handle lethargic individuals

➜ You’ll prioritize your own protection over others

➜ You can be annoying given how pushy you are

➜ It’s hard for you to know when you finally give up

When To Call

Call upon your goat spirit animal when:

➜ You’re stuck in a rut and need a concise direction

➜ It’s time for you to have independence once again

➜ You desire to move forward with your big dreams

➜ You’ve felt weakened and require some resilience

➜ You want to get to places where others struggle

Mystical Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this totem:

➜ It involves being stubborn and a little aggressive

➜ It shows us the need to start setting big dreams

➜ It assists us in letting go of guilt and insecurities

➜ It represents the need for resilience and pushing

➜ It speaks to our desire to listen to our own desires

Is This Your Spirit Animal?

The goat is your spirit animal right now, but only if:

➜ You feel a sense that something bigger is out there

➜ You’re strong and ready push forward in your life

➜ You’re considered certain about your own success

➜ You are both arrogant and naive at the same time

➜ You’re wise and strong paired with a solid footing

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