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The Gorilla Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The gorilla spirit animal is seen by many as quite a serious creature that’s ready for an attack, mainly due to its large size. Yet they are so close to humans with much peace and gentleness.

You can use gorilla spiritual symbolism to get closer to the essence of your soul.

Gorilla spirit animal totem

The gorilla animal totem represents the honor and dignity that you hold to yourself and your family. You have much to learn and much to give, while protecting yourself and those around you in the process. This spirit animal really speaks of leadership and compassion, paired with protection and servitude.

Your soul will feel a connection here and you may realize that you identify with the gorilla.

Most Common Gorilla Animal Totems

The gorilla often means the dignity that comes with supporting yourself and those around you. Being protective and serving those are of the highest order for the gorilla animal totem.

You’ll be holding yourself in high regard and see yourself with much compassion and fairness, while sharing those same traits among others. You’re always holding your head up high.

This spirit animal teaches you to become aware of what’s around you including opportunities and threats. Your interactions and communication skills are strong and where your leadership skills are seen as integral to your success.

You’ll be invested and functional towards your surroundings including relationships. It does mean that you’ll choose some people over others, but with an understanding of where they are in their life.

Seeing a Gorilla in Dreams

Some people wake up and realize they saw a gorilla when they were sleeping. If that’s you, it means that you need to be more compassionate and responsibile for others around you.

The gorilla came into your dream last night to remind you that you also should find someone to help you through the next stage. Perhaps it’s you that needs the nourishment and the protection.

Seeing a Gorilla in my dreams last night
Some people see a gorilla like this when sleeping

If you are ready to rise to the challenge ahead, then they are trusting you with their life and you need to lead stronger. Unlike a monkey, the gorilla is designed to be strong and enduring, so you must rise up to the challenges instead of playing small.

This dream represented that you aren’t quite following through on what’s required of you right now.

Gorilla Spirit Animal Positive Traits

People love being guided by you and feel you’re a safe haven for which they can explore their own worlds. They wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

You’ll do the work when others won’t and go that extra mile. You know it’s about your survival as much it is about the group as well. This is why they trust you so much!

It’s your determination that really sets you apart here. You’ll make quick decisions and find personal strength in reaching for the moon.

Gorilla Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Outsiders can get very intimidated by your presence and desire to be the king. You often come across with a strong ego and others can’t wait to escape your presence.

You love to express yourself but sometimes take things too far. Others might feel a sense of risk or dangers in your presence, despite the fact that you come in peace.

It’s harder for you to make friends due to this lack of trust. Sometimes you feel alone and can’t get people to adore you like you desire them to. Thus, your emotions can really take a hit.

Calling on the Gorilla Spirit Animal

The best time to call upon the gorilla spirit animal is when you need someone to lead and guide you through the challenges ahead. This assurance will give you space to grow and nurture your soul, without having to go out on your own.

Your communication can increase through calling on this animal totem and you’ll be equally a great listener. Someone that also feels compassion and understanding while being a great leader.

Going forward

You’re a kind and loving person if you identify the gorilla as your spirit animal. The one that looks after others equally or more than themself. You’re always on the lookout for threats and opportunities.

Being grounded and secure in your own skin is so important. It’s this strength that will take you much further than others have ever travelled.

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