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Grokker Yoga + Fitness App Review: Still Worth It?

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Grokker has a strange name for a yoga and fitness app and we decided to purchase a membership and share our experiences within this unbiased review.

After all, someone’s direct experiences is a great way to know if this is worth paying for.

Grokker Review

Unique in the market is Grokker which is an online yoga platform geared towards the corporate crowd and teams. Essentially, employees can potentially perform better if they jump on board with this platform.

Grokker also has a personal side for individuals who want to simply get on board. Perhaps you’ve heard about this from a friend or co-worker and you’re interested, but you’re not sure just yet? If so – this Grokker review is exactly for you.

We bought it and decided to get on the inside.

The dashboard

Let’s just say we’re impressed by the overall look and feel of the Grokker platform. This is sensational!

The layout is exactly what we’ve been waiting for with an online yoga platform considering that we’ve reviewed dozens of these previously.

Grokker review

Everything is well layed out and you can find the right yoga class for you pretty easily once signing in.

Progress tracking

One of the unique things about this platform is the yoga activity tracking. Everytime you take a class, it shows your personal activity and you can compare this with others on the platform.

Progress tracking with Grokker

More importantly – it shows your progress over time. You can also set yourself some challenges to keep you motivated over future months.

Q&A Cafe

One thing lacking with many of these premium yoga online platforms is the community. Either you get a Facebook group with ads and distractions or you simply get nothing at all.

Q&A Cafe

Luckily, the Q&A Cafe is the solution. On any given day you’ll find hundreds of qualified members to help you with questions with general chit-chat around the yoga lifestyle, asanas and meditation.

More importantly – everyone’s encouraging and there is no body shaming allowed here.

Not just yoga

One of the best things about Grokker is that it’s also designed for HIIT training and in fact, that’s the main focus. You’ll find lots of cardio and strength lessons in here.

Fitness videos and programs

What we love is the cooking videos here with vegetarian certainly catered for.

Cooking videos

The times cater for an international market so whether you’re in Australia, Canada, United States, London, Auckland or Singapore, you can still find a class that suits your timezone with Grokker. The only exception is that weekend classes are minimal especially on Sundays when people are most likely going to have some spare time at home.

Extra mind content

If anything, that’s the only criticism we can give about this platform. The cost is on-par and many employers gift this to their employees.

Grokker fitness app

Not on Youtube

A lot of the content here isn’t on YouTube. Also – it isn’t promotional and gets into the straight line of yoga and fitness.

You can also do group workouts with friends either virtually or invite them over. The weekly schedule has 5 to 7 classes per day where you can book in.

There is a corporate feel as that’s the main audience. For those looking to build a better posture, we’ve noted lots of content on workplace wellness.

This program works well as a way to enhance ergonomics in the workplace where you can do yoga at your desk.

Getting started

So then, what’s our final verdict on Grokker? Well, it’s perfect for the right student and that’s typically the burned-out corporate worker.

For those not in this space then there are some really great alternatives to Grokker out there.

Either way – online yoga is really a supplement to a real studio and genuine connections with other students. Build your tribe offline while using these platforms where needed.

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