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The Horse Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The horse displays so much pride, connection and elegancy unlike many in the animal kingdom.

We often find ourselves in awe when we see such animals, while often being taken back to our child-like states. It’s at those times that our imagination can run wild. Now, what does this animal symbolize in the spiritual world?

Horses represent personal freedom and new frontiers of discovery. If we identify the horse as our spirit animal, we’ll (finally) start living an extraordinary life and be free of the constraints that previously held us back. This totem is for those who wish to rise up and charge forward in their lives.

Those who are free spirited often identify the horse as their spirit animal. That said, it’s also one of supreme confidence and relentless stamina which so few other animals possess.

Most Common Horse Totem Animal Meanings

When you’ve identified the horse as your spirit animal, it represents you being full of power, prestige and power to strive forward and create an even better life for yourself.

Most Common Horse Totem Animal Meanings

After all, this animal has for many years been known as hard working. It can carry loads up and down mountains for days and days, long after many humans would have given up.

Horses then mean we must overcome the obstalces that lay in our way. We’ll be reminded often as to how we should carry ourselves in the face of adversity and challenges.

The horse spirit animal reminds us that we should:

  1. Be mindful of our spiritual and emotional energy
  2. Free ourselves of the things that have held us back
  3. See the world in its natural and spiritual form
  4. Start any new and prolonged journey courageously
  5. Begin posessing strength and courage to push through obstacles
  6. Posess the vitality of someone who is 100% sure of their destiny

Once we’re in alignment with what we want, we’ll be unstoppable! From an individual that lacked motivation to someone who’s ultimately more powerful than ever before, and who’s ready for anything that comes forth.

Horse Spirit Animal Positive Traits

The horse spirit animal is a motivator. It may choose to socialize where others look up at its majestic power, or it may choose to charge forward on its own in this world.

Horse Spirit Animal Positive Traits

Either way – others will look up to you if you’ve identified the horse as your animal totem. You’ll find yourself gravitating to those who are just as driven as you are to achieve great success.

You’re also the holistic type. It isn’t a case of making a bucket load of money, but rather being mindful of staying true to your cause. You want the best for the world, yet you understand that you must look after yourself first and foremost.

Horse Spirit Animal Negative Traits

On the downside, those who identify with the horse meaning will find themselves reluctant to isolation. They had staying in one space for too long. You wouldn’t want to be tethered and might become aggressive in the process.

Horse Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Commitments are something that’s important to you. You’re goal driven, yet can’t commit to anything that hold you back including relationships and projects. You desire to move fast, not slow.

Given your mental power, you might tend to create some supremacy over others. Others will, over time, slip away from you. Do you have any friends that you haven’t heard from for 12 months? You used to talk all the time, right? This is your spirit totem talking.

Horse Spiritual Symbolism Facts

The horse animal totem brings to us a variety of different meanings, yet they’re all very closely intertwined. Together, they make up this animal and its approach in life.

1. It pushes through obstacles

Ever felt stuck in your life? Then you should posess the traits of the horse totem. It can see obstacles from a mile away and already know how to get around them, not necessarily by jumping either.

It really brings you down to your personal belief. It helps you understand that you too can persevere and get past these problems. While you might not have the skills, motivation or desire today, you soon may have.

2. It’s adventure-prone

Do you dream of far-away lands? The horse does too and was born for this! It doesn’t think of a 2-day camping trip but a long and enduring journey that tests its enduring sprit.

The journey is one that is well planned and where you’re in control. You’ll be wanting to see more and more while not wanting to come home immediately. It’s certainly exciting times ahead here!

3. It has energy stores

Personal power is one solid trait of the horse spirit. It keeps striving forward with so much stamina with plenty on reserve. You’ll see them in the wild running for miles before they stop.

If you have given up too early when pursuing your goals, then this is an animal whose energy you must posess. It fills its tank and keeps going and going.

4. It remains true to self

Through the pursuit of new and far away lands, or simply accomplishing our goals in life, we sometimes lose touch with ourselves. The horse doesn’t – whether next month or next year, it’s still true to itself.

The horse will know its values and acknowledges the power within the spiritual world. It won’t stray outside and do things that it might violate its core.

5. It takes time to rest

You can’t be this powerful without taking out time to rest. The horse knows this and continues to strive forward each and every day, while also taking time to rest and relax.

For you – this could be seeking out a spiritual author who resonates with you, or heading off to a spiritual retreat or workshop. Even a weekly yoga class could be exactly what you need!

Horse Spiritual Symbolism FAQS

Our visitors to Yocean Yogi commonly have questions surrounding horses and their spiritual representations. Here we will do our best to help you.

Horse Spiritual Symbolism FAQS section

I saw a horse in my dream. What does this mean?

It’s common to see horses in your dreams and this represents the need to rise stronger in your awakened life. This could be strength to carry forward or the strength to defend yourself against current obstacles which lay in your path. If you routinely see horses when dreaming, this means that you aren’t rising to the challenges that lay before you and this spirit animal is here to empower you.

What do horses represent to the Native Americans?

Within the Native American culture, horses represent personal freedom and power. The Native Americans have always seen these creatures as spiritual and/or mythical in their scriptures and stories. It’s a sign for them to strive forward, while the eagle represents rising above and choosing a holistic view.

A horse keeps following me. What does this mean?

Did you just visit a farm or animal sanctuary and the horse kept following you? This often represents the need to rise up or use the assistance of others. The horse is here to help you go forward in life with more power and inner strength to get through the challenges ahead.

What do horses symbolize in the Bible?

Horses commonly represent the strength of individual humans in the bible. Essentially, it’s strength with valor and respect. By knowing ourselves and striving forward to do good in the world, we can help others on their quest while trusting God that we are making the right decisions.

What do horses symbolize in Chinese culture?

In the Chinese Zodiac Signs, the horse will represent faith in ones self through firstly posessing more power and stamina to keep going forward. We see this commonly today in China where the country has risen up past poverty. The Chinese people have for many years seen the horse as a symbol of nobility and sheer strength for each individual.

Does it mean good luck to see a horse?

Horses don’t necessarily mean that good luck is coming, but more so that you’re about to create your own success in life. Certainly, they don’t represent bad luck, because horses only want good things to come into your world. Horses can mean good karma is coming and that the good deeds you’ve done will bring new and exciting experiences into your life.

What does a white horse mean?

Seeing a white horse represents the divine healing energy that you must posess while striving to rise up. White horses don’t represent that death is coming nor do they represent apocalpse, though they can represent that change and new frontiers are coming that you should be excited towards.

What does a red horse mean?

While horses are noble creatures that can be trusted, a red horse represents that you have been through many battles that have been challenging. It’s a time to rest, but realize that there’s still much more power left inside of you to rise up to the challenges ahead.

What does a black horse mean?

Black horses represent going the extra mile and becoming the victor in any challenge. These horses are for those who wish to dominate and achieve remarkable success in their life. When you see one of these creatures, it’s easy to become slightly scared but this is your ego trying to hold on to negative thoughts that attempt to hold you back from all the great things that will soon manifest.

What does a brown horse mean?

Brown horses are slightly different than the other horses noted. This horse wants others to do great work in the world and to rise above obstacles which lay in its way. If you feel this is your spirit animal, then it’s likely that you’ll be wanting to help others on the journey much as you help yourself.

When should I call upon the horse spirit animal?

You can call upon your horse spirit animal when:

  • You need help navigating unchartered territory in your life
  • Some big challenges or changes are happening and you need strength
  • When you’ve lost your stride or motivation to carry our your life purpose
  • Or when everything just gets too much and you need some power

Harness these animals when you need to. They are always available and ready for the challenge. In fact, you can depend on any type of horse in the darkest of times.

What does 2 horses together mean?

When you see horses together and their heads touching, this means that you need to find more strength in your existing relationships. Perhaps you haven’t been putting in enough effort lately, or they haven’t been putting in enough effort. Just like horses, you must work harmoniously to bring each of you together for longevity.

In summary

Horses are such beautiful and majestic creatures. For some of us, we really resonate with this animal and refer to this as our spiritual guide or animal to help us see the way forward.

It gives us a chance to let our souls be free and to posess more power than we ever thought possible. If you have been struggling for some time, then call on the horse spirit animal to shine light on the way forward for you!

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