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Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat Review: Worth It?

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The Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat is one that we recently purchased and here’s our review. Essentially, we wanted to see how good it is for hot yoga.

There are just so many good options out there that it’s hard to actually decide what is right for you. Should you go for something expensive which will last for years, or something cheap and discounted to get you sorted for a little while?

Tough question and this comes down to your budget and regularity of yoga classes, as well as some element of how you want to be judged. Sadly, yoga has become a place of judgemental bias due to social media influence.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat Review

The two most popular yoga mats from Hugger Mugger are the Para Rubber and the Tapas. We’re going to break down each of these two so you can make a conclusive decision.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat Review

Remember that such decisions are based on some important considerations. These include:

  • Will you use the yoga mat in hot yoga classes?
  • Is the thickness and padding important to you?
  • How often do you actually attend classes and retreats?
  • What is your price point? Hugger Mugger yoga mats are expensive due to their high quality.

So let’s look at the Para Rubber vs Tapas mats from Hugger Mugger and help you make a firm decision.

Para Rubber Yoga Mat Review

Certainly in the yoga space, the Para Rubber is considered to be up there at the top shelf. It’s made from 6.3mm natural tree rubber with fantastic cushioning and grip for the user. We generally recommend people away from such yoga mats due to their weight and high cushioning, but this mat is perfect.

Those who are over 6 feet tall will love this mat. It’s available in men’s colors which is perfect to get more men stretching out those tight muscles.

When picking this yoga mat up, it really feels quite sturdy. The type of thing that will last a lifetime. If you’re eco-conscious like us, then you’ll appreciate this viewpoint because we’ve become quite the throw-away society.

A real downside here and a common complaint about the Hugger Mugger Para Rubber is the lower volume of sweat sbsorbency. For those who love Vinyasa Flow and Bikram, then you’ll need some yoga socks or a towel to help with your grip. That said – it still has great grip but not as good as other mats we’ve tried.

The depth of cushioning is what sets this mat apart. Those who are older and are doing yoga at home in their 50’s will love this given how well it accommodates those sensitive joints. While it’s not quite like doing yoga on the carpet or on your bed, it’s still inviting.

Ultimately, a yoga mat for cushioning.

If you’re the type of person getting into yoga for the first time or re-joining after some absence, then the amount of thickness here will be complimentary. Many people soon take a hiatus on their yoga journey as their feet and ankles hurt given that other mats just don’t offer the same depth of cushioning. Remember – most yoga mats are designed for those who are practicing already and need something thin where they can feel and grip the floor more easily.

Another downside is the weight. If you’re not used to the weight of rubber yoga mats, then be warned! This isn’t the type of yoga mat that you’ll want to be lugging on the subway, tram, bus or train. It will even be tough to cycle more than a few blocks with this given how much it weighs, plus the smell of rubber might affect others nearby.

Overall though, it’s an excellent yoga mat with great grip and ideal for those wanting high quality that will last for years without the cheap feel that we often find with bargain-basement products on Amazon.

Tapas Yoga Mat Review

If the Para Rubber above serves those with more sensitivity in their feet, then the Tapas is essentially the opposite. It’s not only affordable but it’s also very grippy but doesn’t have the cushioning, unlike many others. After all, it’s only slightly above 3mm.

One thing that we noticed right away is how much we actually stick to the mat. Even our hands got stuck a little and it comes as a little surprise. The slimmer thickness and excellent grip comes in handy for the experienced yogis who are excelling in their studio or at-home yoga practice.

Compared to the Para Rubber, the Tapas, unfortunately, is yet another yoga mat made from PVC which we aren’t a fan of. We would say a thinner rubber yoga mat is much more eco-conscious than this mat, though if grip means a lot to you, then it’s hard to find very grippy rubber mats which is surprising.

Ultimately, a yoga mat for grip.

If you’re lugging this yoga mat around on public transport then it’s much lighter and more akin to yoga mats you may have used before. It’s also a bit bendy and will fit on a bicycle, plus it doesn’t have that rude rubber smell.

As far as sizes go, you can get this in standard length (68″) or extra long (74″) though the width remains the same at 24″. It’s less than half the weight of the Para Rubber.

We’re actually more inclined to recommend the Jade Harmony more than the Hugger Mugger actually. It’s a natural rubber mat which isn’t sourced from the rainforests of the Amazon.

Final Para Rubber vs Tapas Comparison

So ultimately what’s your best option here between the Para Rubber and the Tapas? Choose the Para Rubber if you need cushioning and the Taps if you need to feel the floor under your feet.

Para Rubber vs Tapas Comparison
It can sometimes be hard to choose between the Para Rubber and Tapas!

Hugger Mugger yoga mats have a solid reputation with many customer experiences and positive reviews online. No doubt you’ll find these in yoga studios across the world.

Either way, you’ll be well looked after by a customer and their warranty period is very generous.

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