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The Ibis Bird Spirit Animal: What Does It Mean?

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Have you recently come across the Ibis bird? This bird with long legs and a long beak is quite unique as it initially appears dangerous to strangers yet walks with grace and curiosity.

They are birds which are feminine in nature, but what do they really mean in animal totems? We’ve got the answer.

The Ibis bird is a sacred and spiritual animal which represents the need to be mindful while looking for new opportunities. This animal shows us that properly evaluating situations for what they really are is essential to our personal fulfilment. This may be your animal totem if you are always mindfully searching for the next thing in your life.

The ibis animal totem Australia and North America

Both men and women find this bird to be quite graceful and understanding of human interactions. In fact, you’ll find it located in many countries around the world.

Ibis Bird Spirit Animal

This bird really teaches us how to trust ourselves. We’ll always be looking at new horizons, opportunities and adventures. Sometimes we won’t know what’s really around the next corner.

It’s during these times that we may be drawn towards others for guidance. This includes close friends and family, as well as spiritual authors and retreats. For the introverts amongst us, this might actually be tools and resources such as chakra stones to help us through, or even calling upon our guardian angels.

Ibis Bird Spirit Animal

When we see the ibis as a physical animal, we understand their polarizing nature. They appear shy on the onset with a sense of danger, yet are inquisitive animals that often get close to animals.

What are they searching for? It isn’t just the food but new horizons and opportunities for growth.

Calling on the Ibis Bird

It’s best to call on the ibis as your spirit animal when:

  • You need help making decisions
  • You are hugely optimistic about the future
  • When you want to harness more mindfulness
  • At times when evaluation needs a 3rd party
  • When your inquisitive nature takes over

You can really make this calling at anytime, even now!

Australian White Ibis Animal Totem

In Australia, the white ibis is a unique animal that frequents the east coast residential areas, including Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast. You are also likely to find it in hippie/alternative residential areas such as Byron Bay. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘bin chicken’ due to its nature of scavenging from others.

As a spirit animal, its meanings are slightly different than the general ibis bird. For starters, it’s more masculine than the United States equivalent.

While masculine in nature, the Australian white ibis represents our feminine nature while looking for new things to create or opportunities to pursue. As a spirit totem, it reminds us to split our time between current events and future frontiers. We’ll be eagerly looking at what others have left waiting for us as a spiritual symbol that the world is consciously evolving for us.

You might be searching for new wisdom and knowledge right now to expand further in your life. Perhaps you’re learning new skills that only a few months ago, you didn’t have any interest in. This is a sign that the white ibis could be your spirit animal!

Seeing the Ibis in a Dream

Have you seen a normal or Australian ibis in your dream? This can mean something.

Seeing an ibis while we are sleeping represents our need to be careful going forward. We can still look for opportunities for growth, though some things aren’t to be trusted. Thus, we should take the time to really evaluate our situations more closely to ensure we’re given the right information.

Ibis in a dream

It’s actually common to see the ibis bird in our dreams. The bird could be dead, alive, looking for food or even talking to you. Some people have reported (unfortunately) running over an ibis in their dream and dealing with the pain of remorse.

You won’t get bad karma from killing a white ibis, either in your dreams or real life. They aren’t animals used in witchcraft, magic spells or otherwise. However, it’s wise to pay respects to these spiritual animals to help us move forward without holding the karma

Evolving forward

We’re always looking for new things to pursue while being captivated in the moment. That’s human nature! However, we must make the right decisions for our personal growth.

This is our journey and one that’s sometimes going to need outside intervention. Trust that everything will work out 100% OK, but always be on the look out as you walk this earth.

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