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The Judgement Upright Tarot: What Does It Mean?

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The Judgement upright tarot card represents the need to block ourselves from the critical nature of the outside world as well as our own inner voice. We here as powerful and conscious creators in a temporary experience.

The Judgement Upright Tarot

There are so many things in the world that try to stop us today from reaching the peak. That is the top of the pyramid in Maslow’s heirachy of needs known as self-actualization.

The Judgement Upright Tarot meaning

Not only do we need to fight distractions and conflict online, but also those who want to tear us down. In fact, many trolls and critics take great pleasure in holding others back.

When you look at a bucket of crabs, they never leave. When one tries to escape, others pull that individual crab back from escaping. This is much like the world we live in today, only it’s often us limiting ourselves.

Card reading

The Judgement is a ‘Yes’ Tarot card when psychic readings are conducted upright using the Rider Waite decks. It means that we need to be more disciplined towards the thoughts that come into our mind, both internally and externally.

Card reading of The Judgement Upright Tarot
The Judgement Upright Tarot Rider Waite

On here we see depicted naked adults and children. They rise up from their graves while looking up to the sky and arms spread out side. To grace them into such higher realms, we see Archangel Gabriel blowing his trumpet and welcoming their presence.

These souls are responding to his call and will soon know if they have been accepted into heaven. Some will, while others won’t. This is where self-doubt often might creep in as well as exterior critics. It’s during this decision process that can make or break individuals.

As with many tarot cards, there is a mountain range shown in the background. This represents the massive obstacles which lay before us and the impossible nature of avoiding such judgement and potential ridicule from others.

Messengers of God don’t judge and there is only one shown on this tarot card. He is beyond such trivial thoughts and instead provides a safe haven for those who are ready.

This journey is yours

We are all here to create and manifest as much as we possibly can in the world. It’s during these times that we can embrace and rise up to heightened levels of consciousness and understanding.

Have we all made mistakes in our past? Yes! This happens to even the most conscious of individuals. It’s impossible to become a perfectionist. When famous people make mistakes, the world pays close attention through tabliods and trashy magazines.

Letting go of what doesn’t serve you will be fundamental for your growth going forward. Yes – this does mean removing those which aren’t serving you to your highest potential. Such critics have others they can find comfort in and so you won’t need to have them zapping your energy stores.

After all, this journey is yours. We only have one shot at life and we’re here for such a short period of time. Remove the guilt and frustrations from the past, while cleansing your mind of such harmful thoughts.

You have a calling that the world needs to hear. They are ready to listen when you’re ready to step up. Are you ready?

Going forward

This process of detachment isn’t easy. You’re going to come across others who aren’t going to be comfortable with you moving forward. Likewise, the critic that lives inside of you will doubt that change is possible.

The good news is that you can change if you believe in your highest calling. If are ready to remain true to your purpose and let go of the baggage that stops you from ascending higher.

It’s time to ignore that which prevents you from going higher through your physical and spiritual journey.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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