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Kangaroo Spiritual Symbolism: 7 Things To Know

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Kangaroos are spiritual animals in Australia that have existed for thousands of years. When we think of such animals, the relationship between mother and child is rather beautiful.

Connections to kangaroos are surreal and we often wonder the true meaning behind such an experience. Did you recently see one in the world or at the zoo? It’s time to uncover their spiritual essence.

Kangaroo Spirit Meanings

So you’re curious to know exactly what it means to encounter or embody the spiritual energy of a kangaroo.

Kangaroos in their spiritual form represent the sudden escape from bad situations and into safe lands. If you find yourself stuck mentally, emotionally or spiritually, you’ll often have a kangaroo come into your world to represent the need to make an escape if you desire to find a safer environment.

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For the mothers in our world, they also represent the need to safeguard our young and vulnerable.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Kangaroo Symbolism

There are different types of kangaroos (red, eastern brown, boxing etc) and thus, there are also different types of kangaroo symbolism and meanings. This might come as a shock to some, but as an Australian company, Yocean Yogi is very much used to this.

In this guide, we’re going to uncover some things you didn’t know about how these animals and you can better interact spiritually.

1. You can call upon Kangaroo Spirits at anytime

There is no need to wait until the perfect time or that holiday over to Australia. If you ever need to connect with a kangaroo, simply close your eyes. These beautiful beings who have such a deep and profound connection with the spiritually-connected Aboriginals of Australia are always ready when you are.

2. You’ll be reminded to always take a few hops forward

There are times when challenges can come in our direction. When the hurdles become too high, we can simply take a few hops forward and become more optimistic about the future, rather than the past.

3. Intense focus and motivation can become your gift

Kangaroos are focused animals who are always looking at one target specifically. As there aren’t really any predators, they don’t need to scurry around looking for dangers. Unfortunately, their intense focus can get them in trouble and thousands of kangaroos die each year in road accidents.

4. You should become more family-orientated like kangaroos

Kangaroos typically stay in family groups and units, otherwise known as a mob in Australia. With groups of 10 or more, there are typically a few small juvenille kangaroos hiding in pouches of females. This family pack often stays together for years and this is a good reminder to rekindle old relationships.

5. It’s time to become more agile in your daily movements

Instead of remaining solid, the kangaroo spirit animal reminds us to be agile. Bad things could happen in the blink of an eye and we need to be ready. This is why these animals have legs that can make them have huge leaps forward.

6. You must become adaptable like a Kangaroo

Kangaroos often roam into new environments over their lifetime, from the vastness of the desert to the scrub and rainforests of Australia. The spiritual meaning of their adaptiveness reminds us that we must become adaptaive to new concepts, ideas and environments, just like we must be agile.

7. We must learn to rest often

Have you seen kangaroos in the wild or at the nature sanctuary? They love to rest often! Kangaroos have learned to eat, rest and then eat again given how much hopping around they do. If you need, take a nap during the day as it helps bring us back to heart-centre.

Positive Characteristics of Kangaroo Animal Totems

Posessing the spiritual power of a kangaroo means you are the type that lives to socialise. You’re the life of the party and everyone wants to know you. In fact, you’re probably the party host!

Positive Traits of Kangaroo Spirit Animals

People are drawn to your positive light and energy. You’re the type who is successful in life and has characteristics that comedians and business leaders might share. You might be compared to popular YouTuber JP Sears!

You’re also probably the creative type and the one who wants to think of new concepts and ideas. Perhaps you take to tarot cards for their spiritual messages while also being a manifesting machine!

Negative Characteristics of Kangaroo Animal Totems

You’re the over-worker who does 50+ hours per week when others would’ve otherwise gone home. You’re also the type who hates being told what to do (given you’re the one in control, right?).

Negative Traits of Kangaroo Spirit Animals

Being obsessive about future success is a typical negative trait of kangaroo spirit animals, as you can’t find harmony and balance. You’ll outwork everyone else even if it comes at the expense of your relationships.

Becoming moody is a common issue with people and they too may become stressed with your antics. This then returns and makes you even more frustrated, and so the negative spiral continues.

Common Questions About Kangaroo Animal Meanings

When should I call upon my kangaroo animal?

You can call upon the kangaroo spirit whenever you are feeling a lack of adventure and optimism. It doesn’t matter how old you are, just as long as you are ready for a ‘kick’ forward.

What does it mean to dream about a kangaroo?

People from around the world often see kangaroos in their dreams and this means that you are ready for higher power and energy. By seeing this kangaroo, you’re in a place where you may have longed for adventure and to find meaning in your physical or spiritual life. If you have seen a kangaroo attack you, then this is a message from above to build a stronger emotional foundation or may have found yourself in the ancestral Dreamtime of the native Aboriginals which is a very rare moment to cherish.

What does a Kangaroo mean spiritually?

Kangaroos are spiritually connected animals who have had a close relationship with the ancestors of Australia for thousands of years. These animals represent the need to be more adaptable and agile while remembering that bouts of spontaneous adventure might come in your direction.

Do kangaroos have magic powers?

Kangaroos aren’t really magical and aren’t typically used in fortune-telling or sacred worship ceremonies. To say it another way – they aren’t symbolized generally as animals used in devotional settings. However, they have mild to moderate spiritual connection in the world and you’ll find them symbolized in Aboriginal Art ceremonies as well as spiritual events and festivals in Australia.

Final thoughts on Kangaroo Spiritual Totems

We must be adaptive and agile now given what we have learned now from kangaroo spiritual meanings. Understandabily, this is difficult especially if we’re conditioned to be stable and fixated on our ultimate pathway.

The pathway that lays before us is one which is often met with hazards and hurdles that seemingly come out of nowhere. It’s for this reason that you’ll need to be flexible and ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

As always, use your intuition. It’s the internal compass that is guiding you each and every day.

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