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The King of Pentacles Upright: What Does It Mean?

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The King of Pentacles upright tarot represents our inate desire for abundance and discipline. This is the tarot card for entrepreneurs and business owners globally.

The King of Pentacles Upright

We all need a reference point. A polaris star. A beacon for which we can stay fixated upon in the distance. Avaitors call this a waypoint while sailors call this a port of arrival.

The King of Pentacles Upright meaning

By knowing where we are truly going, we’re more equipped to get there safely and quickly. This is a tool of leadership used by business owners and entrepreneurs globally in their quest to build more.

When used wrongly, the power goes into the wrong hands. When used properly, we can find ourselves into a world of abundance, joy, creativity and freedom. Indeed knowing how to acquire such status takes consistent effort and guidance.

Card meaning

We see the king sitting on his noble thrown. He has clearly achieved a lot of success in his life and indeed some failures too. That’s the journey to the top – full of challenges that one must overcome.

Tarot card psychic reading - The King of Pentacles Upright

Through having discipline, he has consistently worked when others were sleeping. He sacrificed his time and enjoyment in his early years to build the empire and now relaxes in the joy of having attained material success.

Those thoughts of effort and determination clearly have paid off. We see in his hands the objects of his powerful influence upon his own people. They don’t see him as a dictator as everything was manifested through hard work and true achievement.

See – he wasn’t born this way. His wealth came from the hunger of reaching for the stars. This sheer determination saw him create massive success over several decades and become a beacon of light for others to see. His people respect him and praise him for the work they do.

Others have since become inspired to create their own empires. He has shown the way through an honest approach towards creating value and impressions upon the minds of others.

Your turn

When this card appears within tarot readings, it’s your chance to rise to the table. To become more confident in the journey and the success that awaits you. After all, you are made for so much more than you give yourself credit for.

There are many new opportunities opening up in the world now. When we go back to the past, we would be restricted to our local area. Today most people can do their work online regardless of where they live.

Use the King of Pentacles upright as a fatherly-like figure. The one to trust when things are hard. Trust us – things will be hard! This is exactly what many people in the entrepreneurial world need to contend with.

The hardest part is the starting line. Getting people to this place is actually quite challenging. From there, the first few years are stark and many will quit. Few will keep going strong in the face of adversity.

What’s most important is that you focus on the long term vision. Avoid the tendency to manifest your way to wealth very quickly. Those in the Law of Attraction space would love you to believe that money comes easily…and it does! To those who have already manifested great success.

Indeed today everything the King touches does turn to gold. He has a rich life and one that his people don’t view upon with jealousy or rage. Instead, they respect his decisions and his accomplishments, because he started this journey much like themselves.

Strive for more

Now is not the time to relax. There is much work for you on the journey ahead. This card reminds us of our inner need to ascend higher and become a shining example of human potential.

Tarot card reference words

This doesn’t mean attracting massive amounts of wealth. Let’s say you wanted to lose 40 pounds. You strived actively everyday to achieve this and in 6 months time, you got yourself there. This is a seriously achievement!

When others see this, most will come with love, light and inspiration. They will love your story as it will resonate with their core. Others may take some jealousy and frustration. This comes with the territory.

If you build strong like the King, you too cannot be blown with authentic results. You planned well and took daily action to achieve results so few will ever claim. If you’ve done it once, you can do it again.

Success is your birthright. It’s time to strive forth for more!

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