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4 Best Kirtan Events and Bands in Queensland

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Do you live in Queensland and need your Kirtan fix? We’re here to show you the best Queensland Kirtan brands and evening events around.

We’ve written this guide to serve Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Whether you’re traveling around or are a local, we’re here to help.

Let’s begin!

Kirtan Bands and Events Queensland

You’re in luck because we’re fortunate to have numerous kirtan bands in South-east Queensland.

Essentially, there is no reason to need to travel to the rainbow region of Northern NSW for your kirtan-fix. The good vibes are on this side of the border!

From our research, this is what we’ve come up with:

Sacred Earth Kirtan band

You need to get along to one of the Sacred Earth events. I mean – you’ve absolutely got to! They are an amazingly talented couple who have been in the kirtan space for 20-years with totally no denomination. That is, you don’t feel there is something else ‘behind it all’ – it’s just kirtan.

Check them out: https://youtu.be/arb0GRA2mVw

Sacred Earth has played in some remarkable event spaces including the Brisbane Cathedral. Jethro and Prem Williams have been also selling CDs for many years which are simply captivating.

Sacred Earth Kirtan band
Sacred Earth Kirtan band playing one of their favourite pieces

On the Gold Coast you’ll find them at Albert Waterways Community Centre. On the Sunshine Coast they typically play at Noosa Pengari Steiner School and in Brisbane, the venue is almost always a church where the sound echos through the space.

Australian School of Meditation and Yoga

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga or simply known as ASMY runs even more regular kirtan events in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast where they originally started.

Australian School of Meditation and Yoga in Burleigh Heads, QLD

While ASMY is the name, the actual venue is called The Mantra Room. In Brisbane, you’ll find them in West End chanting every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings with everyone welcome, including complete beginners.

Kirtan playing in Brisbane
Australian School of Meditation and Yoga in Brisbane, QLD

On the Gold Coast they have several locations. The main one happens to be Fradley Hall in Burleigh Heads where 100+ yogis come every Sunday at 5pm for devotional transcendental meditation and kirtan. On Friday evenings you’ll also find them in Nobby’s Beach and on Saturday’s in Coolangatta with a band called Prahlad and the Chants.

Hare Krishna and ISKCON society

Naturally as you’d expect, the Hare Krishna community lives and breathes chanting. Often it’s the same 16-piece mantra unlike the two options outlaid above.

Southport on the Gold Coast happens to have the biggest Hare Krishna temple in Australia. You’ll find them chanting here on Saturday evenings from 7pm at 60 Johnson Street.

However, just one suburb up in Surfers Paradise and you’ll come across the Bhakti Yoga Centre. Again, from early evenings on Saturdays you’ll find them chanting and often heading on to the streets.

Head up to Brisbane where the ISKCON temple at 32 Jennifer St in Seventeen Mile Rocks about 20 minutes south-west of the city is a place to find a real community. This is hugely popular so get there early from 6pm.

Shanti Yoga Southport

We previously created a list of the yoga studios in Southport where Shanti Yoga was mentioned. Head here during the week if you live on the Gold Coast for a quick kirtan fix. This is free and you might wish to attend one of their earlier yoga classes while you’re there.

Unlike the other studios, the students here are encouraged to partake in the chanting and even lead it at times. Well worth visiting if you’re in the area!

Sunshine Coast Kirtan

Unfortunately at this stage, regular kirtan events on the Sunshine Coast are limited. Look out for the regular yoga and hippy festivals including Woodford Folk Fest and drag some friends along for the party!

In summary

There we have it! Some really beautiful kirtan music that you’ll find in the region. We’re going to update this list as time goes on to give yogis and yoginis a chance to find outlets where they can find true stillness through the power of kirtan.

By the way – Krishna Das also visits Australia every 2 years and has been in Brisbane a few times. Keep an eye out on event details from Chris Hooper!

Have you visited any of these? Who’s you’re favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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