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4 Best Kirtan Meditation Events in Melbourne

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Love Kirtan meditation and live in Melbourne? Welcome! We’ve done the research to show you the evening Kirtan and chanting events across Melbourne.

Kirtan is such a wonderful family activity to attend or still enjoyable solo or with a partner. It’s the perfect antidote to a stressful week at the office and we’d love to see more events happening around the city.

Kirtan in Melbourne

In creating this guide, we’re covering both bands and kirtan events that happen around Melbourne.

Some of these are regular (at least once per week) while some only happen every few months. Either way – you should consider visiting quite a few of these and finding one that speaks to your soul.

Here’s what you’ve got available:

1. Goluka House aka ASMY Melbourne (Mantra Room)

The best kirtan experience in Melbourne goes to Gokula House! They run a kirtan event here which is open to the general public every Sunday from 5pm.

You don’t need to book at all. The session runs from 5pm to 8pm with dinner served from 7pm (optional and by donation). Everyone is welcome and this place is especially popular with kids.

2. Melbourne Kirtan Yoga / Vedic Vibe (Kirtan Collective)

This place is a rad place to visit but unlike the other options here, isn’t as popular. They have hosted the hugely popular Deva Premal & Miten with Manose in Melbourne when they last visited.

Melbourne Kirtan Yoga / Vedic Vibe (Kirtan Collective)
Kirtan on one of Melbourne’s beaches in the summer months

Vedic Vibe is an absolutely beautiful band with some of their chants now available online. Better yet – get alone to one of their live events held around Melbourne – both indoors and outdoors – as you won’t regret it!

Check them out here: www.vedicvibe.com.au

3. Chant Yoga

Fancy some chanting and chai afterwards? Well once per month (on the 3rd Friday of the Month) is where Chant Cartel runs their chanting evenings. It’s located at the famous CERES in Brunswick East and costs $20, with doors opening at 7pm.

Chant Yoga Kirtan Melbourne

This place is becoming increasingly popular with Melbourne’s hippy and alternative scene. Some people are driving up to an hour to attend which is impressive! Well worth your attendance.

4. ISKCON Melbourne

We’ve left one of the best Melbourne Kirtan spaces until last! If you’re into the Hare Krishna movement, then you simply can’t look past the original and the best place to experience this mantra and movement.

People chanting with ISKCON Melbourne on the street
People chanting and drumming with ISKCON Melbourne on the street

Iskcon Temple Melbourne offers plenty of chanting on a weekly basis with a vegetarian feast always offered afterwards. The temple is HUGE and kids are more than welcome here.

Getting started

Now that you’ve seen what Melbourne offers to kirtan fans, let’s share with you some quick tips:

  • Plan to get there early to find a good car park as some of these venues are in built up areas.
  • You don’t need to memorize mantras or even chant along. Simply listening is enough to escape from the stresses of everyday life.
  • Leave your phone in the car. You don’t need it and it’s considered rude to be checking your phone during any chanting. Again – this is your chance to escape.
  • Everyone is friendly, so even if you’re going solo, you can expect to get to know a few new people.

Most importantly – have fun! Sometimes it takes checking out a few kirtan bands and venues before you find your zen-space!

Krishna Das does come to Melbourne every few years so look out for his events calendar. Likewise the Confest and Rainbow Serpent Festivals both have multiple kirtan bands during their annual events.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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