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10 Best Kirtan Meditation Events in Sydney [2021 Guide]

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Sydney is blessed to have multiple Kirtan events run in the evenings and so we’ll show you some of the best Sydney Kirtan events that welcome beginners.

We want to genuinely help you find the message of kirtan meditation. This music takes you away from the challenges of everyday life and into a real inner oasis.

It’s time to start.

Sydney’s Best Kirtan Meditation Events

In creating this list, we looked at the most popular kirtanistas (aka kirtan bands and soloists) as well as venues around the city.

Here’s what we came up with:

1. Govindas Kirtan House / ISKCON

Head over to Govindas in Darlinghurst several times per week for the best kirtan around. Bring some cash as you can then have a by-donation dinner afterwards.

Yes – this is part of the Hare Krishna (ISKCON) community and culture centre. However, they welcome people from diverse backgrounds all the time.

2. Kirtan Sydney

For true mantra, music and meditation, it’s hard to go past the new startup called Kirtan Sydney. This community has grown massively in the last year or so as a collective of bhakti yoga practioners.

Kirtan Sydney

They also run outdoor kirtan events and workshops. For their indoor events it’s best to book ahead of time if it’s your 1st time going.

3. Bhakti Lounge Sydney

Every Saturday at 6pm marks the start of the weekly blissout sessions with Bhakti Lounge Sydney. It’s $10 to get in (which covers your vegan feast afterwards) and you’ll find them at Bondi Junction.

Bhakti Lounge Sydney Kirtan

This is a wonderful spot to really go deep on the journey of mantra meditation and contemplate yoga wisdom. You’ll be craving for more – both in food and in those beautiful sounds!

4. Sound Samadhi

This is one of Sydney’s most popular kirtan bands which plays around the city quite regularly.

Sound Samadhi

Their events are welcoming of all people and backgrounds. Krishna Das one is one their biggest influences and he visits Sydney every couple of years.

5. Wollongong Kirtan

Right – so this is going to be a bit of a drive (1 hour south) but if you head down to Wollongong, you’ll come across the Heart&Soul Kirtan & Meditation Centre. This band does head up to Hurstville in Sydney quite often to play too.

Wollongong Kirtan band playing music

The people here are just genuinely good people who come from the heart. This kirtan community of Wollongong has been running for a couple of years now within the Govinda Valley retreat at 51 Lady Carrington Road, Otford NSW

6. Gauranga Kirtan

Kirtan bands are in Parramatta so there’s no need to make the trip into the city! A good alternative is called Gauranga Kirtan with both live classes and workshops.

This is more-so popular with the indian community (hence the events in Parramatta) while the others on this list are more popular with westerners. Either way – both are more than welcome here.

7. ASMY Sydney

Known as the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, there are locations all across the country. For Sydney, you’ll find them at 154-160 Broadway in Chippendale, just outside the city and located by University of Notre Dame.

ASMY Sydney Kirtan Centre

While located on the main road, the place is downstairs so you won’t hear the road noise. One thing you’ll struggle with is parking, so get there early and bring cash for dinner afterwards. Events here run on Sundays starting at 5pm with a western crowd.

8. Bhakti Darshan Kirtan – Blue Mountains

Fancy a drive? Go west up into the Blue Mountains where you’ll come across the Blue Mountains Kirtan and Yoga Events space. They run on the 2nd Saturday of each month in Katoomba.

Bhakti Darshan Kirtan - Blue Mountains

Uniquely, they run their events inside a church. Given the space, there is lots of room for people to stretch out unlike the Sydney events where everyone is crammed in. The church is at 142 Katoomba St in Katoomba with train services nearby.

9. Sacred Earth Band Sydney

The beautiful Prem and Jethro Williams visit Sydney once per year and their events draw a massive crowd. You’ll find tickets to their kirtan to be sold out at least a few days prior, so you need to be quick!

Sacred Earth Band Sydney
The Sacred Earth Band playing kirtan recently in Sydney

If you do miss out, then head up to the Central Coast or to Newcastle for their kirtan evenings which are held a few days prior or after their Sydney tour. Likewise they are starting to do events down in Wollongong.

You’ll find their entire tour schedule on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/sacredearthmusic

10. Yoga studios offering Kirtan in Sydney

There are 2 Sydney yoga studios offering Kirtan meditation with the occasional events. Predominately they are really about the asanas and aren’t really focused on kirtan, but well worth the mention:

  • Kundalini Creative Newtown. You’ll find them at 333 King Street, Newtown
  • Qi Health & Yoga in Manly. They’re on L1 at 9 The Corso, Manly NSW

Keep an eye out on their respective Facebook pages for updates.

Getting started

Now we’ve shown you all that Sydney has to offer the kirtan community, it’s time to get out there!

Before you do, here’s some quick tips:

  • Don’t be shy. The kirtan community is always welcoming!
  • Most of these offer vegetarian meals afterwards by donation.
  • You don’t need to know all the mantras just yet. Take it easy!
  • Wear normal clothing. There is no need to get dressed up.
  • Get there 10 minutes early for a good seat on the floor.
  • Turn off your phone! In fact, leave it in the car prior.

Have you visited any of these Sydney kirtan bands or yoga centres? Let us know in the comments.

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