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The Knight of Cups Reversed: What Does It Mean?

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The Knight of Cups reversed means that we need to find our true and authentic selves instead of hiding behind the mask. There is no need for imitation.

If you have been hiding under a false-hood for some time, then this tarot card is for you.

The Knight of Cups Reversed

Social media has conditioned us to “fake it until we make it!” which is unfortunate. We believe that everyone else has their life figured out and we ourselves feel inadequate. If only they knew the truth that you’re about to discover.

The Knight of Cups Reversed meaning

The truth is: There is nothing more powerful than someone living in their authentic self. The individual who sees past the masks and the BS, and just simply shows what is. No fear. No embarassment and with no one to question the results.

Just a real person going through this world. This is a conversation worth having. A difficult one, but a true one. If you can understand the meanings behind this tarot card, we promise you a world of clarity.

Card meaning

The Knight of Cups is a Yes tarot card. We conduct our psychic readings with the Rider-Waite series though you may use any deck that you have available since meanings are similar.

The Knight of Cups Reversed psychic reading

We see the knight on his horse while holding his cup. Confidence surrounds his very being and he remains confident in his pursuit. Is it just a lie? Is he faking his success? No.

He has mastered honesty. That is internal honesty so he’s crystal clear about the real progress that he has made, and the external honesty – what he shares with others. Real results. No fluff.

This for him didn’t come easy. Instead of pretending, he decided to get to work. When others were fast asleep, he was healing and conditioning his mind, body and spirit for the journey ahead.

That was years ago. Today he shines in awe of his personal growth. His communication and authenticity is on-par for that of a King. He has done the real work while others have floundered.

To get here though, this required seeking truth. Instead of falsehood, he chased authencity. He wanted to master skills of use and display them for the world to see. Indeed, today he’s a manifestation of his relentless pursuit of conscious creation.

A message of truth

We are all unique creatures. There is no need to hide, copy or mimic the success of others. No longer should we stand for social media “influencers” on their pedestal where their lives seem perfect. As results show, those on social media are anything but perfect.

Those of us in the psychic and spiritual development world are more aware of these pretenders. We know such results aren’t authentic. When influencers are exposed, their entire audiences walk away.

The lesson here is simple: What are you truly developing? If people expose you, what results will you truly have to show? A duct-taped approach to your personal quest or a genuine and battle-hardy quiver of results to genuinely show to the world?

This tarot card is a message of truth. It’s time to stop the imitations. If you are supporting others who are imitating, then consider finding new role models. There are plenty out there who have chosen authenticity.

Final thoughts

It takes bravery to acknowledge that you might not have everything figured out. In the United States, many are condoned when showing flaws and insecurities. We recommend you bring these to the surface!

Tarot card evaluation by Yocean Yogi online

From here you can find resolution. That’s where a true warrior builds strength and character. Those deeper foundations of authenticity and trust. Yes – trust. You must trust yourself that you are being true to yourself.

As you do, others will trust you. The world needs more authenticity. This is your chance to lead the way.

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