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Koala Spiritual Symbolism: 5 Things You Should Know

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Koalas aren’t typically an animal we think of when we think of spiritual animals, but to ignore the beautiful koala is completely missing the point! There is so much we can learn about the world.

Indeed the world is going through some very interesting times of chaos. Instead of seeking less, the world is seeking so much more. More materialism. More consumption and indeed more information. This is why we’re glued to our smart phones.

The spiritual message of the koala is rather obvious, but most of us won’t pay attention for more than 5 seconds to see it.

Koala Animal Totem Meaning

Have you just seen a koala? If so, there is a divine message here.

Koala Totem Spiritual Symbolism

Koalas in a spiritual sense remind us to stop, relax and enjoy the fruits of the moment. We can ponder and let the world go by without the stress and anxiety that comes with constant progress, if only for a few short moments. The spiritual message that koalas bring is the need to find stillness and relaxation in moments of busyness.

We all need to take a break. Humans aren’t designed to keep going, and going….and going! This is why holidays and vacations are becoming increasingly popular, as recharging those batteries is sorely needed.

5 Things To Know About Koala Spiritual Meanings

There is quite a bit to learn. So much so that we’ve found 5 things you probably didn’t know about koalas and the spiritual/divine healing message they have for you.

1. You should find a safe space like a Koala

Koalas sleep a lot. As such, they need to protect themselves from potential predators who might come and attack them which is why we often see them high in eucalyptus trees.

You must carve out your own safe space. Perhaps you have a room in your home that you can use as your prayer or devotional room that no one else is allowed to enter. A place where stillness truly speaks.

2. Empathy should be developed in this time

Given the time you’ll now carve out to rest and relax, you should develop empathy for others. Perhaps they’re going through a tough time and could use a revived soul like yours to lean on for support.

While empathy is important, it’s also wise to be mindful of who you open your heart to. This is because you might adopt the negative energy of someone else and be left holding even more baggage than before.

3. Be gentle and kind to yourself

A koala doesn’t beat themselves up over dropping a leaf since there are so many in abundance. You must learn to be kinder to yourself and be willing to self-heal the negative self-talk from times gone by.

This is an important task. After all, during this downtime phase, you’ll be bringing up old emotions that might be difficult to process including negative thoughts from your childhood. Be warned and ready!

4. Koala spiritual beings can appear often

This might not be the last time that you see a koala. Their appearance in your physical world might be a routine check-in for you to ensure you are taking the rest and relaxation that you need.

This may come in the form of a real animal or soft toy, or even some reference to Australia. Keep an eye for these appearances and you may wish to note them down in your journal and what you were feeling at the time.

5. You must be willing to hang on

Sometimes storms come into your life. As they do in the animal kingdom, koalas will hang on to the tree for dear-life until such storms pass. This could go on for days and days.

Know that when such experiences come in your direction, you have little choice but to hold on. It’s during this time that again, emotions might rise but there is always calm at the conclusion.

Positive traits of Koala Spirit Animals

You’ll have lots of time to rest, relax and reflect. Responsibilities won’t be high on your priority list and you’ll find your safe haven whereever that may be for you.

Positive traits of Koala Spirits

Koala spirit animals also have more patience and understanding. If chaos erupts, you’ll be less likely to respond in the angst of rapid-fire conflict. Instead, you’ll be chilled and reserved in your response.

The most positive trait of koala totem animals is their like-ability. People will tend to like and adore you, with plenty of respect and admiration.

Negative traits of Koala Spirit Animals

On the negative side of koala spirit animals, people will perceive you as lazy and unwilling to do any work. Such harsh criticisms could lead to emotional conflicts and damage.

Negative traits of Koala Spirits

You’ll also be unwilling to do any work. If there are large projects due or you have responsibilities such as children, then moving into a flow-state will be very challenging.

Others will begin to depend less on you and you may even become untrusted. Not for your ability to be a good person, but for someone who can show up on time and get work completed readily.

FAQS about Koala Spirit Animals and Symbolism

What does it mean if I’ve seen a koala in my dream?

Koalas appearing in dreams is rather common around the world. This means you’ll need to find a safe haven and a place for nurturing and rest. Your spiritual mind and soul may have been overworked recently due to excessive smart phone usage and needs a break to simply ponder the chaotic world around us.

When should I call upon my koala spirit animal?

Anytime you need a mental, emotional or spiritual escape from the modern-world is a good time to call upon koalas as spiritual guides. It’s from here that we can find liberation from our plates full of responsibilities and be transported to a place of rest and relaxation.

Are koalas magical beings?

Koalas aren’t usually used in spiritual ceremonies, worship prayers or devotional events. While beautiful as an animal, their spiritual essence is one that we as humans are only beginning to learn about, so their magical powers to transform our lives are limited.

What does a Koala mean spiritually?

Koalas in the spiritual world is our key to find ourselves in a safe space and to rest. It’s in this time of recovery that we can really find true stillness and peace while the world revolves around us. Coming out from an experience generally means we’ll be more patient and understanding of others.

Closing thoughts on Koala spirit animals

Koalas are truly beautiful animals in the physical world, though are seldom found in the spiritual world among literature. In fact, there is no tarot card that features koalas (to our knowledge) and spiritual events in Australia seldom feature them either.

Yet if we can get away and view their very nature, we come to learn how important their lessons are. The world is going through some crazy times and these beautiful animals remind us to stop, rest and relax.

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