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Leigha Butler Yoga Review (Worth It?)

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Leigha Butler has her own yoga community where we recently became a member. After 3 months on the inside, our review here shares our experiences.

We’ve covered quite a number of online yoga platforms in recent months. Essentially we’re doing the research so you can find the right platform for you.

Leigha Butler Yoga Review

We’ve decided to create an unbiased review of Leigha Butler. We have no commercial association and are only sharing our experiences inside the platform as an upcoming yoga brand.

Leigha Butler Yoga Review

What made us step forward and become a member within her community is the authenticity. We know that word becomes thrown around the yoga space every 3 seconds, but in this case, we’re being genuine.

Her classes simply do away with the fancy studio with perfect lighting and corporate-feel.

And they’re varied as well. You’ll find Vinyasa Flow, Gentle, Yin and many more beginner-friendly forms inside her community.

Signing up for her online yoga platform is worth it as there are new classes added every week.

What we love

Unlike many of the platforms out there, she’s actually very active on YouTube. Her channel is growing each week. While it might be as big as Kassandra’s, people are still finding it.

Our favorite is her Yin Yoga classes which are simply yummy! You’ll also find a few Yin classes inside her student membership platform.

Also, just like her YouTube content, the video and audio content is incredible. It’s at commercial-quality but with the vibes of a home-studio setup. Bliss!

She’s also inclusive of men and welcomes them inside her community.

The ideal student

Most people who join her tribe are her audience on YouTube who want to get something a little more. Often it’s to support financially the person who has helped them during difficult times.

The ideal student is then someone who wants to go further with Leigha. She’s active within her community to help people on a personal basis.

Most of her students are 25 to 50 years old who want something that’s alternative to the mainstream yoga teachers. That’s probably you and so this will be a great match!

What could improve

The volume of videos isn’t so strong. When we compare it to popular yoga platforms, they typically offer 10x more for roughly the same price and often have a free trial.

Comparatively, Leigha Butler’s membership area doesn’t have any free trial or discounts. For this reason the following is much lower and we imagine that people are less likely to enroll.

If she were to offer those free trials and put inside more content and more regularly, the student base would grow from a few dozen to a few thousand within a year.

Our recommendation

We always discourage potential students from using phones or tablets to watch any online yoga platforms. Instead, remove your distractions and get Leigha’s classes on the big screen in the living room.

You should also plan your yoga session just like a real studio. And if you can, use online yoga platforms as a supplementary to going to a studio a couple of times per week.

Often it’s those who are feeling a little ill or travel often to choose to do online yoga. Plus they want to support their favorite online teacher. If that’s you, then Leigha has you sorted.

In summary

We look forward to seeing more content added here for students. The value here isn’t as strong as many of the other platforms.

It’s still early days for her platform. There are alternatives out there, but for the YouTube fanatic, there’s enough here to get started with.

We’ll see you on the inside.

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