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The Leopard Spirit Animal

This Is Everything You Wanted To Know

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This is the definitive guide to the leopard totem for 2021.

I have spent 9 hours researching and creating this handy guide.

These animals are just so majestic! Can we agree? ๐Ÿ˜Š

So if you’re curious to know:

โžœ If the leopard is your spirit animal

โžœ What the common meanings of the animal totem are

โžœ The positive and negative traits of this spirit animal

โžœ When you should call upon your spirit animal

โžœ Unusual and mystical facts about the leopard symbolism

Then you’re certainly in the right space. Let’s begin!

Leopard Spirit Animal FAQs (June 2021)

Common Leopard Spirit Animal Meanings

Common meanings of the leopard spirit animal are:

โžœ Earning self-confidence through regular practice

โžœ Being bold and taking on great opportunities

โžœ Making progress while keeping a low profile

โžœ Being of indirect value and influence to others

โžœ Having freedom and independence to express

Positive Traits

The positive traits of the leopard spirit animal are:

โžœ You can achieve a lot in a small pockets of time

โžœ You hold a lot of self-confidence and inner power

โžœ You have a great vision of what the future could be

โžœ Not much fears you, given your independence

โžœ You can hold yourself high during confrontations

Negative Traits

The negative traits of the leopard spirit animal are:

โžœ You often put your own needs before anyone else

โžœ You’re willing to hurt others to become the alpha

โžœ You sometimes try to take on everything yourself

โžœ Your dark and angry side comes out occasionally

โžœ Your ego comes out when you have the spotlight

When To Call

Call upon your leopard spirit animal when:

โžœ You need to perservere to achieve real greatness

โžœ The world ought to know who you truly are inside

โžœ You have been holding yourself back for too long

โžœ You’re tired of your shortcomings and weakness

โžœ You are ready to pounce upon great opportunities

Mystical Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this totem:

โžœ It’s about going beyond your current limitations

โžœ There is a strong link between cheetah symbolism

โžœ Many people experience a rise in personal power

โžœ It creates a sense of being bold & relentlessness

โžœ It brings forward authentic strength and resilience

Is This Your Spirit Animal?

You’ll know if the leopard is your spirit animal if:

โžœ You’re ambitious and pursue real opportunities

โžœ You’re always on the hunt to build a better life

โžœ You desire to inspire others towards greatness

โžœ You’re able to work creatively in the darkness

โžœ You’re always looking for the right time to pounce

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