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Liforme Yoga Mat Review: Is It Worth It?

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Liforme yoga mats recently came to our attention, so we just had to look at what they have to offer and review their mat as a skeptical critic.

Many people would consider this to be an expensive yoga mat. After all, the price really is up there which begs the question: “Is the Liforme Yoga Mat worth it?” and that depends on a range of considerations including budget, needs, regularity of yoga classes and color preferences.

The Liforme yoga mat is a premium product for yoga studios who demand quality and performance. Its heavy-duty construction and the non-slip surface are ideal for experienced students seeking to get the very best out of their classes with reviews praising both of these design characteristics.

Ultimately though, it isn’t for everyone. Those needing something more affordable will find many other alternatives online that don’t break the budget.

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

We are like most people and will do our research before going forward with a purchase. It can be hard to know if things are merely a gimmick or are actually worth the money.

Luckily, after trying out the Liforme Yoga Mat, our concerns were put to rest after the first yoga class. This yoga mat simply performs as it claims!

Most yoga mats we’ve tried are fully rubber both bottom and top. While that’s great in one aspect, it isn’t as grippy as other materials. Liforme uses a rubber base and an eco-friendly polyurethane on the top. This is different than toxic PVC.

In fact, the more we were sweating with this yoga mat, the better it actually gripped. The prayers from the Vinyasa and Bikram students have finally been answered! Plus there is less smell than rubber and no sticky residue is left on the hands. There isn’t anything worse than shaking hands at the end of the class or driving home with a sticky residue on the steering wheel.

One challenge with other mats that claim to be non-slip is that they actually stick a bit too much. When you’re transitioning from one asana to the next, you risk getting ‘stuck’ and it takes some getting used to. At times with these mats, you might actually lift the entire mat off the wooden floor much to your embarrassment.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Liforme. They have *somehow* found a way to balance everything, thus leave us yogis to find balance both physically and mentally.

The real benefits

Have you noticed that yoga mats always have that ‘curl’ at the very ends? This doesn’t happen with this mat and it’s not something you immediately are able to know if you buy online. Essentially, it rolls out flat as if it has been on the yoga studio floor for weeks.

Liforme yoga mats are becoming popular in yoga studios globally!

The next point is their sustainable approach. We are earth healers and praise companies who are doing their bit for the planet. Unfortunately, most yoga companies and certainly many of those on Amazon are cutting corners in order to sell cheap yoga products. These are made from inferior and eco-disasterous products.

Liforme has etched in their guide lines and uses no PVC in their construction. The base is natural tree rubber and the glues used are very friendly to the environment. They also source their materials sustainabily to reduce sea miles and thus reduce the cost to us as consumers.

Unlike many competitors, they use a closed-cell design. This stops bacteria from finding its way inside while also helping you grip incredibly well. Slidding around like a winter ski trip is now a thing of the past….because you can confidently do yoga.

A downside

Certainly all these benefits come with a downside and that’s the price. The Liforme yoga mats are certainly expensive and you’ll rarely find discounts or sales happening. There is a high manufacturing cost unlike many other cheaper options on the market.

Also, the thickness is a little on the lower side. If you need more cushioning then look for yoga mats in the 5mm to 6mm range. That said – this is built as a high-performance yoga mat for those more established and have been practising for 3+ months, though we have seen beginners bringing these mats to class recently too.

With the high price, you are paying for ethics. You’re paying a company that lives and breathes yoga and who understands design, aethistics and functionality. Certainly there are plenty of cheap yoga mats online but these are often discarded after a few months and students stop their practice.

To see it in another light – if you spend up on quality, you’re more likely to want to use your new yoga mat. It’s something to look forward to during times of the month when you need to ‘escape’ from the hectic nature of everyday life.

The ultimate choice

While certainly at the top end of the market, Liforme has done an excellent job to bring a quality product to the market. You won’t need to bring a towel nor will you be replacing this at all next year.

For those committed towards their yoga journey, we do recommend these premium mats. Perhaps Liforme is the ideal mat for you, or perhaps their competitors might be better suited.

Either way – spend up on quality for the sake of your journey and that of the environment!

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