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The Lovers Reversed in Attraction: What Does It Mean?

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The lovers reversed represents our inner calling to heal relationships with ALL individuals around us, but more importantly – our very self.

From such healing, we can find much needed peace, prosperity and harmony on this divine journey.

The Lovers Reversed

Our best internal state is harmony. Our best external state is bliss. They’re almost the same, but just as different!

The Lovers Reversed meaning

Inside we want to feel safe and secure with harmonious relationships. We want to love ourselves and love each other. From this higher perspective, everything simply becomes much easier.

Outside we want to radiate love and joy. We want others to see our light and to provide a means to end all suffering through our authenticity. From this perspective, we can lead by example.

The Lovers tarot card reversed encapsulates what we mean here. They reprsent the feeling of inner balance and peace, paired with the outer abundance and prosperity.

This duality is our higher-self seeking more in the moment.

Card analysis

There are many great tarot card decks that you can use to best analyze The Lovers revesed. We’ve chosen the very popular Rider Waite series.

Psychic tarot reading of The Lovers Reversed

We see this card very clearly with a male and a female. Beyond this is an angel.

The male represents order and feeling grounded. Males are usually very rational beings that need to power through the quest internally and externally.

The female represents mystery and emotion. She has the capacity to provide love and nuturing at times when we need it most.

Unified, both the male and female bring balance to each other. With her, there is no him. Without him, there is no her.

The angel is our guiding light. One that can see no judgement – only calm even the midst of our greatest advertsities. What we are experiencing right now bares no judgement from the angel – it will simply carry us through, as it has done for this couple.

Start from within

We need our inner peace first. In a world of chaos, only our own divine stillness can help us through these foggy times.

By finding peace, others will be attracted to our higher ambience of healing light. They can’t see it but they can certainly feel it!

Within each and every one of us is untapped abundance and spiritual healing. We sometimes mask this to protect ourselves for fear of judgement, but such qualities haven’t vanished!

They’re waiting for you. Start from within to illuminate that light that once once distinguished in order to “fit in” to the world around you.

Our love is light

“Love and Light” is a common catch phase within the healing arts communities around the world. Indeed, if we are to be successful, we need both.

One can best start by loving themselves. Go deep inside and find that inner sanctuary where we really love ourselves, even the worst qualities.

Is there pain? You can heal it! Guilt? Transcend past it! Frustration? Let it go!

Our essence is love. It’s what we were born with and it’s what we’re here to display. Nothing more, nothing less.

This all begins with loving ourselves. The depth that you’ll need to start digging varies, but keep going! Be patient by persistent. Your angels are watching.

Bring harmony

The world needs harmony right now. We’ve going through some very tough times in recent years. From world conflicts to disease, to job losses and those leaving our spiritual lives.

Such drama hurts to body, mind and spirit. Healing can begin almost instantly, if you’ll simply press the switch. It’s time to ease the suffering created by internal dialogues, and move towards a new personal vision.

Once you start this quest, it’s hard not to enrol others too! Your journey might be personal, but as you grow, you’ll bring love and harmony to the worlds of others.

They might “catch” your new way of life through such a transformation and want to awaken to a new state of mind. You’ll be envisioning the future, not questioning the past.

Going forward

We can all heal as the lovers have. This is best done via understanding ourselves first and what resonates the most. What makes you feel empowered in this very moment?

Our hearts have for so long felt neglect. It’s time to take a stand for ourselves and feel this healing begin with a stronger light and harmony for all.

You’ve got this! Self-love can literally transform the world. Ready when you are!

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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