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The Magpie Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The magpie is a beautiful physical animal, yet it also has a spiritual element. Most people don’t realize how strong the magpie spirit animal actually is.

We can learn so much about our lives from this animal alone. In this article, we’ll uncover the meanings behind this very smart bird of Australia.

Most Common Magpie Spirit Animal Meanings

There are actually several meanings behind seeing a magpie. Essentially:

Magpies represent the need to speak up when we need to. When something is wrong in the world, we cannot simply suppress our inner voice that keeps telling us to take action and do something. Magpies have creative communication and this is a skill that we as humans must develop a stronger throat chakra.

Most Common Magpie Spirit Animal Meanings

In the wild, such animals scavenge around looking for new things all the type. They are attracted to shiny things which is why you’ll see magpies going through rubbish. This means that you must resist the temptation to be attracted to new things, and instead focus on what works for you.

Also, you must develop your creative abilities. You can’t simply stick to what you have and should be harnessing skills available and evolving as time goes on, but these should be the right skills. Remember….we must focus! It’s time to learn the right things.

Magpie Spirit Animal Positive Traits

Being someone that others can call upon is quite typical as a positive trait. If the magpie feels like your spirit animal, then you’ll speak up when things aren’t going the way they should be.

Magpie Spirit Animal Positive Traits

For the most part, you’ll actually seem shy. This is similar to a magpie in the wild who generally hides in trees and doesn’t move about in the open like other animals…but you’ll certainly hear them most mornings in Australia!

Looking and opportunities and saying a resounding YES is quite common! You’ll see possibilities and real upside to your own potential and often take on quite a lot. After all, you believe you have a decent shot at creating an amazing life.

It’s during these times that others look at your leadership. Your communication is strong and so is your courage. Some might consider you a workaholic but this isn’t true. You’re just committed to get to the finish line.

Magpie Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Because you love opportunities, one negative trait of the magpie totem is taking on way too much. Sometimes you’ll get overwhelmed with responsibilities and not quite make the progress you desire.

Magpie Spirit Animal Negative Traits

This leads you to become snappy and bark at those who are throwing you too much. You want to become successful but you looked at way too many opportunities and said “Heck…I’ll do them all!” when in reality, you’ll only be able to achieve so much.

You’re also the type that will become exhausted in the long run. Being in this role of well-developed communication skills and leadership leads to genuine challenges. The adventure will take its toil and won’t seem so fun anymore.

Yet despite this, you would’ve come so much further than most people. This then shouldn’t be seen as too negative but rather as part of the process of growth. After all, look at the most successful people in the world and you’ll soon discover the stress that they had to go through.

The Magie as your Spiritual Animal

To better help you determine if the magpie is your animal totem, we’ve covered 5 facts you probably didn’t know:

1. You’re always living with your eyes open

There’s never a dull moment with you. You’ll see opportunities where others can’t. You’re probably the entrepreneur or business owner, or at least soon will be!

2. Your creative touch shines through

You really like to see what you can find next. While others might stick to something for 20 years, you’re looking to what you can create now, next month and next year.

3. It’s difficult to sit still for too long

You’re always in movement. You probably have a well-defined exercise routine and seek adventures both domestic and foreign. Sitting around home and laying about is perhaps the worst experience you could ever have, so getting sick with the cold is something you truly hate.

4. You’re always eager to communicate your progress

Are you the type that always shows their progress on social media? It’s your communication skills of the magpie spirit animal shining through. You bask in the knowledge that you’re making genuine progress towards your goals.

5. Being the life of the party is your calling

You’re disappointed if there’s nothing happening on a Saturday night. After all, this is YOUR night to shine! Hiding behind the computer or scrolling through social media seems so dull and quiet, and thus, you’ll even self-invite yourself to parties if you have to.

FAQs on Magpie Animal Totem

I saw a magpie in my dream. What does this mean?

Seeing a magpie in your dream reminds us that we need to speak up if there’s something wrong. It’s very common to see these animals when we’re sleeping actually, and there is perhaps a time recently that our communication was lacking. Take this as a sign to stand stronger and communicate more effectively during the next time an issue arises.

You may actually see a magpie today as well, either on your fence or in your backyard. Don’t be alarmed! This may actually be the same magpie from your sleep coming into physical existence. It was simply warning you of its arrival before you woke up.

When should I call upon my magpie spirit animal?

It’s best to call upon the magpie as your spirit animal when you’re taking on way too many things, as well as when your communication isn’t so strong. Some people like to call upon the magpie when adversities are present, as they know this animal can help them through via its compelling enthusiasm.

What does it mean when I see a dead magpie?

A dead magpie on the road, footpath or trail means that you may have unresolved issues in your life. This is something that must be overcome through conscious effort and divine spiritual healing.

It could also symbolize the need to go internally and take a break from the outside world. You may have been taking on a lot of responsibilities lately and looking at many opportunities, and in fact, too many than you can actually account for.

What does it mean if I saw a baby magpie?

Baby magpies are different in their meaning than their adult parents. It represents the development of our effective communication skills and perhaps this is something you need to work on right now. Have you been holding yourself back and claiming yourself as an introvert, when you were actually born to be loud?

I killed a magpie. Will I get bad karma?

Killing magpies accidently by running them over with our car is actually quite common. Most people have had near-miss accidents with magpies as they often don’t see cars coming until the very last moment, and sadly, it sometimes does end in tragedy.

You’re unlikely to experience negative karma from killing a magpie. However, you may hold feelings of remorse or negativity for several days. To let go of these negative emotions quickly, it’s best to speak to a spiritual healer or visit the scene of the accident for proper closure.

Are magpies good luck?

Magpies aren’t really representative of good luck. In fact, some people claim that magpies are sent by the devil, though we have no conclusive evidence that this is true. Magpies do represent the vastness of opportunities and may open your mind to new potential and an abundance of personal growth in the future. Thus, you might actually see them as animals of great fortune….but this will take some time to manifest.

A magpie keeps following me. What does this mean?

There are 2 reasons a magpie might follow you:

  1. You’re too close to its nest and it believes you’re a threat to its young. This has nothing to do with spiritual symbolism.
  2. You’re not speaking up when being threatened. Their spiritual message is coming forth and you should take a stand in the moment for what you believe is right.

Essentially, one is physical (a threat to them) and one is spiritual (your lack of communication), so it can be challenging to know precisely why a magpie is following you in each moment.

Often during mating season, it’s most likely because it feels threatened and might actually swoop you, especially if you’re riding a bicycle.

Are magpies used by witches?

It’s generally crows which are used in witchcraft ceremonies, not magpies. However, there is some reference to the use of magpies in spell books and they themselves can give thoughts of evil and the devil. It’s up to individual humans that the meaning that they represent internally. Ask yourself: How does the magpie feel to you?

Closing thoughts

Magpies aren’t typically an animal that we think of when we consider spiritual growth. However, there is more than meets the eye as we’ve clearly learned! This is one very smart creature who has developed skills and knowledge over many years.

Magpie in the wild

It’s from here that us humans can learn. It’s quite simply that:

a) We must speak up when things aren’t going as planned

b) All new opportunities will excite us, but we must stay focused

c) Our creative skills should be developed each and every day

It’s from here that we can go forth in the world as well developed creatures that continue to prosper. If you feel the magpie spirit animal resonates with you, then you’re one of the rare type that aligns well with this animal.

Bigger and better things are planned for you, with new opportunities on the horizon. If they light you up – they take them on and stay focused on the mission ahead!

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