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Momo Yoga Review: Is The Price Worth It?

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Momo Yoga is a better approach to yoga studio software, or so they claim! Will they keep your students impressed and your studio running well?

In this unbiased review, we’ve done the research for you! There is no commercial or business relationship between us and them.

Let’s jump into it!

Review of Momo Yoga

We’ve seen the trend over recent years in yoga studios moving towards the online space with digital sign-in software. Essentially this does makes your entire studio management a lot easier.

There are now dozens and dozens of software platforms on the market all attempting to claim market share. Some claim that they’re better than the rest, while others charge outrageous prices.

Review of Momo Yoga

We should know! We’ve reviewed quite a number of yoga studio management software platforms.

Therefore, this Momo Yoga software review comes with experiences. We’ve able to fairly articulate whether this is worth it for your growing studio both as an owner managing everything, and as a student utilizing the platform.

What we like

The thing about most other platforms we’ve seen is that they make things complicated. There are just way too many features to be consumed and really you just want to know the basics:

  • What classes you have on, who’s teaching them and when.
  • Current bookings for each class and the number of mat spaces.
  • Student monthly subscriptions and casual pass packs purchased.
  • Integration with your website so students can see realtime updates.
Using the yoga studio booking app

Really! That’s it. And so what we noticed with Momo Yoga is that they do exactly this and not a whole lot more. Sure, there’s monthly and annual reports that you can download (to view seasonal trends, for instance) as well as setting up payment gateways, but they don’t make it complicated.

Because it doesn’t have the super-advanced features, you’ll save yourself a fortune. For example, it’s just $20/month per studio with 2 teachers. If you’re an independent teacher teaching across several studios, then the pricing is even more affordable too.

The app itself is quite easy to use. Clearly it was designed by yoga enthusiasts and not computer programmers as the dashboard is beautifully displayed with easy to read buttons. You can also use the app when offline since the data is stored in the cloud.

What could improve

If you need those advanced features, then you won’t find it here. And for most yoga studio owners, such features are totally unnecessary anyway.

Another thing we’d like to see is customization of the dashboard. It would be good to overlay our own branding and logos so feels like an in-house app. Maybe a work in progress?

There isn’t much to hate or criticize with this app. It does what it promises to do with ease and we can compare Momo Yoga quite closely to MindBody Online.

Who uses it

There are 3 types of people who generally use Momo Yoga app. These are:

  1. Yoga studio owners. They use this to better manage their studio without the fuss or complexity of other apps.
  2. Yoga teachers. Whether they are exclusively in one studio or teach at a range of studios, this app can be the lifeblood of their business.
  3. Students. Students can download a copy and view your current studio classes and updates including push notifications when classes are beginning to book out. Neat!

There are some yoga retreats that also use this app but this isn’t as popular. There are other apps out there which are more akin to looking after yoga retreats.

Getting started

We do like this app and the pricing is quite affordable. There are fewer frills and it just gets on with the job of managing a yoga studio. It’s clear that thousands of yoga studios also agree with many positive reviews also found online.

With a 30-day free trial, there is no reason why you couldn’t try it out for the next few weeks.

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