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MyYogaWorks Review: We Bought A Membership!

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MyYogaWorks is a platform and we decided to purchase a membership. After 2 months of use, we’re here to share with you our experiences within this review.

Note: We don’t have any commercial/business relationship with MyYogaWorks.

Our aim is to holistically show what’s waiting for you on the inside as we’ve already taken this same journey previously.

Let’s begin.

MyYogaWorks Review

So just like you, we decided to get on board with their program for the purposes of adding them to our list of online yoga memberships. You see – we’ve reviewed quite a few of these so we know what to expect on the inside.

That’s the welcome message you’ll get upon entering the inside. With MyYogaWorks you’ll find more than 1,000 videos on the inside. Given there’s so many, we’re going really unpack each one for you by section.

MyYogaWorks Review

Now more on that later. Our initial thoughts are that this is a great layout! We’ve evaluated other platforms where there is so much happening that you don’t know where to start. Not here!

For beginners

If you’re new to yoga or have some previous experience with platforms or studios, then you’ll love MyYogaWorks. There are hundreds of tutorials on individual asanas as well as full length classes.

MyYogaWorks Review for beginners

Class sizes within MyYogaWorks range between 12 minutes and 67 minutes, with the average length being 38 minutes including Savasana.

Popular classes

There are thousands of people already on this yoga platform. With other platforms we’ve reviewed, you’ll see reviews on each yoga class within their platform and even comments from students on the thumbnails.

Yoga poses within the platform

Unfortunately on this platform, you’ll need to click through on to the individual video. For example:

In this case, this a tutorial video with some minimal chatter. Other videos have hundreds of comments.

The layout

We’ve mentioned before that we really love this layout! It’s clean and crisp as we can see here:

online yoga platform layout

Also, you can select between different levels of difficulty, teachers and your chosen focus. You can even find the rare yoga class which is 90 minutes long!

What we love is the grading system. Level 1 = easy, while Level 2 is medium and Level 3 is for the advanced students with at least 1 year of experience (ideally more).

MyYogaWorks class grading system

This way you’re not accidentally going into a class that’s beyond your skills.

The right student

Ideally, this is for people who are needing to continue their yoga journey but aren’t willing to stick to a class. Most people on the inside are aged 25 to 50 years old and as you’d expect, most are female.

Males are certainly catered for here with multiple yoga classes for men. We’ve noted with other online yoga platforms the lack of regard for men’s development into their practice, so this one really recognises gender equality.

We would recommend this platform for the less budget-conscious people are there are other platforms which are simply cheaper. The cost for MyYogaWorks is (at this time of writing) $15/month. We recently did a review of Gaia and feel their online yoga platform actually offers more value with the documentaries and yogic wisdom.

However – if all you want is asanas, you’ll find good value here. Aim to use this as a supplementary to your usual studio attendance. This way you can still maintain real-world connections for friends and a good connection with your existing yoga teacher who can make mild adjustments to your poses.

Getting started

It’s quite clear that this is a rock-solid platform and from our experience, we do look forward to staying on board for the long term. It’s above most other platforms in terms of the number of yoga classes, the volume of students and the minimalistic design.

And it seems many yogis agree with reviews towards MyYogaWorks generally being positive. If it feels right to you, then get started today.

Got any questions? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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