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The Nine of Cups Upright: What Does It Mean?

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The Nine of Cups tarot card means that we must be satisfied with our outcomes and show gratitude in the moment.

If things didn’t quite go according to plan, yet we still made solid progress, then such results are enough for now. Just look back for a moment and smile.

The Nine of Cups Upright

Sometimes we beat ourselves up for not accomplishing what we set out to do. We fall short on our goals yet completely miss what we have actually achieved. The mere fact that we started should be commended.

The Nine of Cups Upright meaning

There are many people who are too lazy to start anything at all. Then there’s us! We will actually make some solid progress towards the things which are important to us on the journey ahead.

What’s important is that we find appreciation for what we did along the way. Respect that sometimes things aren’t going to go according to plan, but we can focus on the positive.

Card meaning

The Nine of Cups upright is a ‘No’ card. In a love reading it means to find contentment and reasoning with others despite their flaws and frustrations.

Psychic reading of The Nine of Cups Upright

With the Rider-Waite cards we see this man on a wooden bench. While he looks a little happy, it is indeed just a little. Behind that smile lays some frustration as he hasn’t quite achieved what he wanted.

The structure behind him represents the rising and lowering of the sun while the 9 cups represents the moments in each day. Essentially, we must carve our time to find gratitude during these moments, even if they’re short.

His arms crossed also give us a hint. A truly happy man wouldn’t have his arms crossed, would he? This represents the dissatisfaction that we experience during stages of our own personal quest.

Again, there are times that this will happen. It’s how we respond to such experiences that ultimately determine the future direction of our lives. We always have a choice about how we feel.

The temporary state

If you do find yourself in such negative states of emotional wellbeing, then recognize that these are only temporary. You will soon move on. You can actually move on faster if you master your mind!

In this physical existence you are a conscious creator that can create a new thought at any time. You may wish to think about the things that have recently gone well. Did you meet a new friend? Read an exciting book? Manifested some money? Express this gratitude and the frustrations soon diminish.

You’re also welcome to bask in the experience of having already achieved great highs. Those who love the Law of Attraction do this regularly. The challenge is that they often don’t do the actual work or ascending as they are merely focused on the things. Despite this, you can certainly master these emotions of an abundant mindset.

Essentially, you do attract more of what you think about. Guard those thoughts closely as our minds are ultimately our temple of creation. We often think about keeping out the negative people. A wise idea that certainly is, but let’s not forget how damaging we can be to our own self too.

New beginnings

You can begin today by acknowledging just how much work you’ve actually done. The man on the Nine of Cups Upright has certainly done some work in his time. Relaxing right now is certainly permitted as is venturing out and having some fun!

Go ahead…see how far you’ve come! Even if you just have a job, the mere fact that you have a job should be commended. From here you can always ascend further.

tarot card meaning

Cherish these small things. Much of the world lives on so few dollars and yet many of them are actually happier. We’re blessed to live in the western world where opportunities are found around every single corner.

There is beauty all around us and our thoughts indeed control our destiny.

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