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The Nine of Pentacles Reversed: What Does It Mean?

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The Nine of Pentacles reversed is a tarot card representing financial abundance and security while enjoying the process and the end results.

If you want to be financially successful and generate wealth for you and your family, then this is ultimately the right card to choose.

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Wealth creation starts with the end in mind. You have to know what you’re striving to achieve perfectly while being focused on daily execution.

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed

This is different to say a yoga class. With practicing yoga, you can “set your intention” which isn’t really tangible. That isn’t to say it isn’t helpful to nourishing your soul and mind. It just isn’t something so measuable.

If you are to take the manifestation of riches seriously, then you need to start with a plan. Your mind needs to be nurtured daily for the expectation of success while working towards it.

Abundance is your birthright, but only if you are willing to open up to this energy after crafting your plan. From there, construction of your “empire” truly begins.

Card analysis

Let’s have a closer look at this tarot card. For this, we’re using the hugely popular Rider Waite standard series. You can choose any card pack that you desire.

Psychic reading of The Nine of Pentacles Reversed

We see on here a wealthy women. She represents the ideology of success while we see her stand in her abundant garden that she’s worked everly so hard to acquire.

Beyond this is her palace surrounded by rolling hills in the mountains. Such grand places take a compelling vision and consistent action to achieve. This isn’t the realm of lottery ticket winners!

By what about the Falcon? We see that falcon on her arm so evidently. It means that not only was she focused on the end result, but she trains others do to the same. Have you noticed that masters of wealth creation also love to share their wisdom?

What you intend is what you receive. We all know that! It’s a huge part of the Law of Attraction. What’s often missing from people is their action.

It’s tough to see in this photo but there is a snail. These are those who take far too long to get themselves together, but at the same time, are often still moving. That’s the pace of the snail.

It doesn’t matter what speed you move. It only matters that you do move.

The Falcon could help the snail hurry up, as could the wealthy woman. They’ll encourage the snail to slivery along, but it’s his journey, not theirs.

Wealth-like focus

We’re often taught as kids that having money and financial success is bad. Perhaps you had parents who didn’t savor wealth as others have. You learned to hate the rich and that poor people were honest.

Did you hear statements like “A penny saved is a penny earned?” Well, unfortunately, this is still just a penny. This won’t bring richess to your life.

Another common one is “Money doesn’t grow on trees” when actually it does. In fact, it’s printed in the billions each and every year.

The point is: You need to move away from such limiting beliefs and into a wealth-like focus. Move away from those who aren’t serving you too. They say you become like the 5 closest people to you, so choose your tribe well.

Unfortunately, the psychic and spiritual world isn’t known for financial abundance. Even those who claim to be rich often aren’t that rich at all! Look for those who are truly walking the talk.

The next step of course is to focus. Your home environment should be conducive to consistent growth. Remove the things that aren’t serving you and take control over your personal time.

You don’t need to spend hours each week on social media. You can turn notifications off on your phone and you can move into a more abundance lifestyle.

Warming up

From here, it’s time to warm up and get up to pace. You need to be as happy during the journey as you’ll be at the destination. To say it another way: Savoring the journey is just important as the happiness and joy you’ll receive at the other end.

Wealth follows intention and action. Misery loves company. Focus on what you truly want while taking consitent action towards achieving your desired outcome.

Essentially, you should be focusing on transforming your life to meet new standards. Remove the unneccessary baggage and quite literally…get a move on!

On this journey, you’re going to need those that will support you. These typically aren’t those you’ll find at spiritual retreats or psychic Facebook groups. Nope! You’ll need to go beyond this.

Look for entrepreneurial groups in your local area. Likewise, there are workshops and seminars held often where you can form Mastermind groups.

Charging forward

The climb to the top of the mountain is hard. We should know – building Yocean Yogi is hard work! We’re a bhakti yoga brand that’s clearly on a mission to bring warmth and light to the world.

Tarot card representation

You need to charge forward every single day once you have the compelling vision for your life figured out. Create a vision board paired with a concreate daily, monthly and yearly plan.

It needs to be actionable and timely. Read up on S.M.A.R.T. goals which can help you better actually achieve these outcomes, instead of merely wishing for a million bucks.

You deserve the very best out of life. Don’t settle for second-best! You are the Falcon that sees the abundance created by this wealthy woman. You’ve experienced the very garden that she lives in.

She’s training you to become acutely tuned into a laser-like focus on consistent daily action. The question is: Will you do the work?

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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