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Omstars Online Yoga Class Review: Still Worth It in 2021?

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Omstars by KinoYoga is an online membership site which we decided to write an independent review about. We may also have an Omstars coupon code available.

Kino Macgregor started Omstars several years ago which is essentially her paid membership site as an alternative to DVDs of the early 2000’s. Also, she has gone her separate ways from Alo Moves.

Omstars Online Yoga Class Review

We decided to sign up to Omstars and really test out this platform for what it is.

Straight up – we would recommend you go into this on a computer or big screen. It’s just too hard to use the app, not because of the functionality, but because of the viewability.

So we paid and got into the inside:

Omstars Online Yoga Class Review

After this, you’ll need to verify your email:

Omstars Online Yoga Class Review email verified

Then it’s time to really see what’s available:

Inside Omstars

That’s only a small glimpse of what’s available. Let’s look at the teachers:

The teachers of Omstars

That’s quite impressive! I can see some yoga teachers that I follow including Jacob Manning, Kevin Duffy, Yovana Mendoza and Alex Soto. Needless to say you’ve got some quality options here.

From here, Kino MacGregor provides live yoga classes directly within the app:

We recommend that you install the Chrome extension. It takes 10 seconds to install.

Now, let’s break down the individual lessons.

Yoga practice

In here you’ve got 180+ courses taught by 79 hosts from many countries – United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and even India.

Practicing yoga with Omstars and Kino MacGregor

These are the first 6 courses that we came across. Within each course, there are several episodes. You’re scrolling forever within this space because of the amount of content offered.

You can also sort by levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Insights into yoga

Next we have the ‘Insight’ section which is less about asanas and more about everyday mindfulness.

Here you’ll find 39 courses taught by 23 hosts from across the world.

Yoga insights

Men certainly will love the Omstars app here with many videos addressing both genders equally. If that hasn’t yet overwhelmed you, then there’s more to come.

The Omstars wellness area

This is a shorter element to the members area focusing around plant-based recipes. Given how vital health and well-being is as a component to the yoga lifestyle, it’s not surprising that it’s included.

Omstars wellness

Notice it says “our incredible roster of experienced and knowledgeable chefs from around the world” when actually…some of these educators aren’t certified chefs and simply learned from home. Remember, we’ve made this Omstars review very much unbiased and have raised a very valid point.

Then again, this is an enjoyable distraction for when you’re not practicing Asanas.

Yoga culture within Omstars

Having an insight into the life of a daily yogi is what some of us crave. You know – how do these people live their lives? Why are they so fit/athletic/flexible/healthy/beaming with good vibes? In ‘Culture’, we’re taken behind the scenes:

The culture of yoga

With 36 videos and 26 hosts including some of Instagram’s finest, we’re really able to feel ‘at home’ off the mat with these deeper insights.

But it certainly doesn’t end there! We’ve got so much more ground to cover yet.


After a few months or a few years, you’ll probably be in the position when you’re ready to challenging yourself. That’s what this module is for.

Kino MacGregor challenges

Within the ‘Challenges’ section of Omstars, there are 19 courses all taught by Kino MacGregor. This is in a variety of settings and filmed over a number of months.

We wouldn’t recommend this module for beginners at all and is probably the least-watched part of the Omstars premium training platform.

Teacher Development

From here, we go into the first upsell within Omstars. Yes – there is an upsell and it’s into the Teacher Development modules.

Are these worth the investment? Good question because you’ll still need to attend a ‘real’ yoga school to be certified in-person. However, the pricing to get some basic elements is very affordable. Within this, Daniel Rama is our pick.

Most watched Omstars videos

This isn’t so much a module but a quick-reference spot for the most watched videos by students of the Omstars yoga training platform.

Quite surprisingly, Kino MacGregor holds 4 out of the top 5 spots with Mia Forbes Pirie’s class within the Wellness category also proving to be quite popular.

Suggested courses

On the last and final tab, we have suggested courses. These are recommendations based on your use of the app. At this time, we were mostly following Kino and thus her videos were recommended including some we had watched earlier.

Some videos do have multiple hosts with a good mix of male/female teachers.


Now a solid review of Omstars wouldn’t be complete with some constructive criticism?

As we’re in the yoga community, we don’t want to spread any negativity. That just isn’t us.

And yet, toxic positivity doesn’t fit the root causes of problems either. We’re realists.

So rather, we’ll see this as room for improvement:

  1. The membership area can be overwhelming with a little too much content. I believe students should answer some questions first to help filter the content that would be best suited towards their yoga journey. Navigating it all for the first time can be daunting.
  2. The live classes with Kino MacGregor are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm Eastern Time and Saturdays at 10am Eastern Time. What about the rest of the world? In Australia, for instance, it can be around 4am. Given the global reach of Omstars, we’d love to see other countries accomomdated.

Really – that’s it. The cost of Omstars is quite affordable at $20 per month USD.

Yoga with Adriene is cheaper but unfortunately, it’s just her. With Kino, she’s gone for a community-inclusive feel and it isn’t just yoga. In fact, it’s only about 40% of a focus on asanas.

Needless to say, that extra $10 that you’re paying is worth every dime.

The ideal student

So now that we’ve seen that this is worth it, who is this really for?

We would recommend it to:

  • The college student who can’t afford to attend classes
  • Those who want to transition towards a cleaner lifestyle
  • Time-poor individuals who seek to find their time on the mat
  • Total beginners who are nervous about their 1st real yoga class
  • Students who want a bit more than just YouTube videos
  • Students who want to find themselves within a community
  • And finally, those who want to support Kino MacGregor

Because let’s face it, she’s done an extreme amount of work over the years. The Kino MacGregor court case with Alo led her through some tough times. Yet she approved this with love and dedication while staying true to her authenticity.

And if you happen to be going through some tough times, a membership within Omstars could be just what you need. There is a 14-day free trial after all.

In summary

There is mixed feelings around the yoga community about profits. In Kino’s eyes, it’s always about the yoga first. That time on your mat and a chance to reconnect on the inside.

She has provided an overwhelming amount of free content. When you get inside Omstars, and you should, there is even more waiting for you.

You’ve got 14 days to literally try out everything. Put a note in the calendar and make a start today with thousands of other students already using the platform.

As for the app, it’s fantastic! We just wish the live events were run for the world, not just for the United States. Turn off your phone, get this on the big screen, grab a yoga strap and roll out that mat.

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