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Padre Messenger Guardian Angel Reading Review: Is It Real?

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Padre Messenger Guardian Angel Reading Review: Is It Real?

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So you’ve been on the website and received quite a number of emails from ‘Padre’ from the Guardian Angel Reading website.

It seems odd. Somewhat professional and somewhat spammy. Something feels a little ‘off’..right?

We’ve come to realize that things don’t quite appear as they seem. Padre, the Messenger of Angels…isn’t actually real.

Padre Guardian Angel Overview

The website is professionally built. In fact, there are more than 57,000 people per month just like you stumbling upon ‘his’ website. We believe it may not even be a he at all.

Padre Messenger Guardian Angel Reading Review

When you click on the ‘Who is Padre?’ section, you’d expect to get to know the individual more. You know – their upbringing, why they chose mediumship and psychci development and more. While there is some information who claims he can speak to angels, there is very little extra.

Here’s what we expected:

  • Past experiences
  • Skills, gifts and talents
  • Successful readings
  • Specialties that no other mediums have

And what we got was:

  • Basic information like many other oddly designed websites.

Errr…we’ll rather stick with our verified and trusted psychic platforms. You know – the type that is actually genuine and legitimate.

7 Reasons To Be Concerned

We love to research things here at Yocean Yogi. Is the Guardian Angel Reading website real? Well, there are actually some reasons to be concerned:

  1. The website is owned by a Hong Kong company. They’re into digital marketing, not some psychic reader who has developed skills over multiple decades. Look up Sesam Ltd who also have an office based in Gibraltar a.k.a. the best tax haven.
  2. Pressure-based emails. Have you received these too? They can be quite pushy.
  3. Stock images. The photos that he has used aren’t real, including his own testimonials.
  4. Many complaints about Padre the Guardian Angel. Most commonly the readings were scary and we believe it’s designed that way to ‘upsell’ you to happier readings.
  5. No real or tangible information. Indeed we’ve covered this before but we need to know that the website and in particular the psychic reader has had a documented life journey.
  6. No phone calls or video chat. This is very odd but if the person wasn’t actually real then this makes perfect sense.
  7. Potentially using chat-bots. The use of chat-bots is becoming increasingly popular where there is no actual human doing the reading. Do you really want the computer to help you through this tough patch in your life?

Are we saying that he or the website itself a scam? Not quite, but we are saying to be cautious. We’re not the only website either that has invited a sense of critical thinking here.

You see – there are dozens of these websites around where you are totally unaware of what is happening behind the scenes. That transparency (or lackthereof) is often overlooked when you are in desperate times. Many fail to do the research and later you’ll find complaints posted online.

Finding legitimate psychics

It can be quite an artform to find who’s actually real in the market. You know – those who are actually looking after others properly with the tangible skills to get you through this challenging time.

Here’s what you should expect:

  • Full refund guarantee. If your medium doesn’t offer refunds, then run!
  • Has been in business for 10+ years. Avoid websites that just started yesterday.
  • Provides live video readings. Using a psychic who will only instant message you is concerneing and may be a scam.
  • Is built on a platform. The best platforms feature real psychci readers with verifiable reviews.

Really – it’s not hard. One of our favorites is Psychic Source which has been around since 2009.

Going forward

Padre the Angel Messenger appears to be an automated website with automated free readings. Only will you pay do you actually get an individual (of some type…) providing the readings.

If that’s what you desire…then go right ahead! We just prefer transparency and have chosen to recommend real psychics who have a huge list of testimonials.

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