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The Page of Pentacles Reversed: What Does It Mean?

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The Page of Pentacles reversed is a chance to re-learn. You might have a passion that you’ve been putting off for too long, and now’s the time!

We always have to answer what we really enjoy. Our interests, passions and hobbies.

The Page of Pentacles Reversed

We have passions and interests that have been long forgotten. Do you remember what you used to do as a kid?

The Page of Pentacles Reversed meaning

It’s perhaps time to recapture the imagination of the soul. With our now wiser eyes, we can pick up from where we left off but without the need for perfection or impressing others.

Life is a journey of passion. Too often we’re bogged down by work and excessive hours, as well as the demands of family life.

Our passions come from balance, hence the ‘work and play’ mindset. If we don’t love what we can do, we can balance it out with more fun time.

Card analysis

Let’s look a little deeper to better analyze our thoughts. A Page of Pentacles reversed is where we can see the Page in a beautiful valley of growth. He’s already made some solid progress and has the motivation to do so much more.

Our psychic reading of The Page of Pentacles Reversed

He wants to learn more. That’s his passion. He seeks to better understand the world around him.

Our world is very fertile. There is so much space for growth and abundance, if we only were to tap into the universal power that lay before us.

More importantly – there’s room for talents. This man has found his talent – the art of learning.

Passions are empowering

When we love what we do, life becomes infinitely better. We’re able to breathe, to have joy and to be closer to source energy.

Sometimes we cannot control our work situation. In many cases, especially right now, we should have gratitude that we even have an income stream.

One thing that we can definitely improve upon is how we spend our spare time. Scrolling endlessly on social media does NOT bring us the true fulfillment that the universe has available to us.

We need to move beyond that. To identify our true passions and actually spend more of our hours in joy.

Perhaps for you that’s painting, or writing that book you always wanted to. Perhaps it’s traveling the world and visiting spiritual retreats.

Whatever your passion is, that’s where you’ll often find happiness and excitement. If you can remember what you used to love in your younger years, then the learning process becomes cut in half.

It’s your chance

This is your opportunity to really live again. The Page of Pentacles reversed shows a child-like state of mind. Those childhood memories are deserving of a second round.

We’re not born as stagnant creatures. As we get older, we indeed slow down – but we have more time! More time to do the things we love.

Sure, there is some family and employment commitments…but if this is indeed important to us, we’ll find a way. And indeed, the unvierse is right there.

We’re with you

All the way – we’re with you – and so is the universe. Everything is there for you on the journey if you’re ready to receive it.

Tarot reading definition and results

This isn’t a case of having your head in the clouds. That’s day-dreaming. We’re refering to your talent, abilities and skills that you’re most passionate about.

Abundance has filled the planet. The more you tap into this abundance and live a life of passion, the closer you’ll get to abundance.

That’s the truest of pursuits. Will there be mistakes? Sure. Challenges? Absolutely.

But is it worth it? 100%

Your passion makes you come alive and it’s time to really tap in.

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