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The Page of Pentacles Upright: What Does It Mean?

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The Page of Pentacles Upright tarot means our manifesting of outcomes derived from our continous pursuit of skills.

If you have been working for far too long with little to no results, then keep going! As this tarot card shows us….your’e almost there!

The Page of Pentacles Upright meaning

Often we self criticize ourselves for not quite being able to accomplish what we started. We waste time on social media or on tasks that don’t serve us. We then beat ourselves up for taking a yoga class.

The Page of Pentacles Upright meaning

Instead of such self-loathing, we need to change our focus. There is much goodness in the world and opportunity to build ourselves a stable base and progress further to the summit.

Many people simply quit far too early. Our journey is one of continous learning and progression, and we need the struggles as much as we need the success. After all, this is the human existence.

Card reading

Our psychic reading of The Page of Pentacles Upright shows a young man in the abundant fields. Clearly there is some harvesting about to happen and material riches about to enter his world.

Psychic card reading of The Page of Pentacles Upright
The Page of Pentacles Upright Rider Waite

Often in the Pentacles suit, we also see mountains. This represents the ups and downs that one must face in order to ‘get the gold’ at the end of a long and arduous voyage. It’s certainly not an easy quest.

The man is also holding a coin. He studies it intently. In the world of spiritual development, we’re discouraged from seeking fortunes and material posessions, yet much good can come from accumulating wealth.

The man wants to manifest more. He’s made some progress yet this isn’t enough. He is now contemplating how to stretch further and bring himself into great abundance. For now, he must develop these skills. It’s something we all must go through and there are no shortcuts.

He strives for more but this comes from a place of generosity. He wants more for himself so he can share it with others rather than merely accumulating it. This is a switch in thinking that many of us in the spiritual world could learn from.

Welcome new opportunities

Turning our dreams into reality is the #1 pursuit of the awakened conscious creator. We all want to strive for more and create mastery in our lives. Now isn’t the time to play small.

New beginnings and new opportunities will often come into our lives. After all, we’re living in the information age. This is the best time to be alive where we can flourish online! Never has information that we need to pursue our journey been just a few clicks away.

Achieving remarkable results requires a two-stage approach and it’s vital that we take both stages seriously.

Firstly, we must get into alignment with what we desire. This is the easy part and it’s popularised by the Law of Attraction movement. You can use a vision board, gratitude journal and write down your goals for the next few years.

Secondly, we must take action consistently. This is the hard part and one that many people avoid. They pick up their phone and look at another spiritual meme or watch yet another video. We must stay focused and do the hard stuff if we are to bring more into our lives.

Now, new opportunities don’t necessarily have to revolve around money. We might have the opportunity to bring a new relationship into our life or find ourselves being of service towards others. Such large and audacious goals aren’t necessary; it’s simply important that we’re doing work that we love in these times of better opportunities.

The rise of spiritual entrepreneurs

There is an uprising right now of spiritual entrepreneurs. When we search for yoga lessons on YouTube or meditation, we’re bombarded with so many influencers and ascended masters. It’s hard to see the forest from the trees.

Yet given so much on offer, it’s evident that there is a demand for spiritual entrepreneurs. If you’re someone who has been cultivating such divine mastery over a conscious skill or set of skills, then now may be the right time to put the wheels into motion.

Perhaps for you it’s a new business, whether online or offline. Maybe you wish to open a yoga studio or move into holistic healing through tarot. Or even just become a student all over again and acquire skills that will assist you well into the future.

Ask any entrepreneur and they all started with a plan. You simply can’t fluke your way to success. Today might be the day when you get crystal clear on your intentions and setforth plans for your future.

Essentially, begin taking this journey seriously. You’ll find more enthusiasm and be more enlightened on the journey ahead with a concrete plan in place to execute holistically on your dreams.

Final thoughts

We’re not here to say this will be easy. Indeed the easiest part is putting the plan together. The man on The Page of Pentacles Upright hasn’t had it easy but soon he will harvest an abundant crop.

Today is your day to start planting your very own seeds. This starts with acquiring the skills necessary to prosper in the new world which lays before us and manifests all that the world offers.

Many opportunities surround us and it’s time to develop the skills necessary for personal growth and achievement.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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