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The Porcupine Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The porcupine spirit animal reminds us of the need to protect ourselves so we can simply grow without the fear of threat or enemies.

You might resonate with this animal and its spiritual symbolism, especially as many people do.

Porcupine Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

The porcupine reminds us that we are warm and nurturing creatures who are growing spiritually, emotionally and physically. This spirit animal also needs to protect itself from enemies and those who are trying to take it out. If you feel a connection to the porcupine, then you must start shielding yourself away from people who are obvious threats.

Take a stand for yourself today and become more liberated and understanding of the threats which exist.

Most Common Porcupine Animal Totems

This animal totem reminds us that we need to start minding ourselves and our vulnerabilities. We can’t let others take us down in a negative spiral emotionally or spiritually.

Thus, it’s time to create a wall. We must protect ourselves against threats, both real and imagined. Being defensive and mindful of the world around us is imperative to our survival right now.

Most Common Porcupine Animal Totems

Another meaning is to start working today on your self-empowerment. Like the porcupine, you might be a soft and gentle creature (such as a sensitive new age guy or girl), but you need to become more empowered with what you have.

Take this time to reflect and see where the holes are which need to be patched up. It’s those that others are seeing their ways to get into your life with ulterior motives.

Porcupine Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You are protected and thus can work on your spiritual power and divine connection to mother earth. Nothing is a rush and you can take your time within any transition.

This freedom gives you a sense of wonder. You’re someone that likes to enjoy new experiences and might even travel the world, yet you stay within your natural state of being.

Your existing connections are nurtured and you’re less likely to develop new ones as you take your friends and family quite seriously. Being of support to your family is important to you.

Porcupine Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Many people fear getting close to you and so they avoid you. In networking environments, you find it quite challenging to come up to strangers and start talking for fear that they’ll move away from you.

Others see you as hostile despite the fact that both they and you know that you’re just a timid soul underneath. This hurts you as you struggle to form new connections, and thus often stay with the ones you have.

You might even criticize yourself for not doing things hastily, instead opting to take your time. You might even be late to work on occasions or simply not show up for important events.

Calling on your Porcupine Spirit Animal

When you should call upon your porcupine spirit animal differs from person to person. Some say it’s when you need to start focusing on defending yourself, while others say it’s best when you’re ready to go out in the open and discover more of what the world has to offer.

It’s a great idea to see that you can be open to feedback and go with the flow. Allow yourself when calling on guidance from the porcupine to be more drawn in and understanding of your own personal defences.

Seeing Porcupines in Dreams

If you have just woken up this morning and saw a porcupine last night in your dreams, then this signifies the need to be more protective of your time and daily experiences. The porcupine is giving you a message that there are threats that you may not have seen and need to guard yourself against an upcoming attack on your soul.

A porcupine seen in a dream
Seeing porcupines when sleeping is surprisingly quite common!

Don’t ignore this revelation since everything really does happen for a reason. At the same, don’t obsess yourself too much. You only need to start a mild amount of protection.

Going forward

You need to understand that you have weaknesses right now which need to be addressed. This isn’t the time to be simply walking around without protection because there are far bigger creatures than you in the world today.

If you truly want to evolve while enjoying curiosity and wonder, then draw upon the spiritual symbolism of the porcupine totem. You’ll realize that you can then have the best of both words – a safe haven and extraordinary experiences!

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