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The Possum Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The Possum spirit animal speaks to the part of us that enjoys discovery. Do you like to seek out new frontiers after dark? Then this might actually be your guide.

Many people in Australia are so used to this animal. They love to live in trees and sometimes find their way into your roof.

The Possum Spirit Animal represents the need to seek out new experiences and not simply be stagnant. This totem speaks to those who love to explore new frontiers quietly, while also getting protection on occasions, hence why possums love to hide in roofs. We need a mix of adventure and a safe haven in which we can return.

It’s also a sign that you need to make a big more of a ruckus. Don’t be afraid of doing the things that you have held off for years. Some Australians wake up with rubbish everywhere, which is evidence that a possum had visited in the night.

Most Common Possum Totem Meanings

You’re the type that needs to start exploring more. This is a common meaning behind the possum animal totem. It’s time to get back out there and enjoy the world once again.

We only live one life in this physical existence, so we can’t be hiding from the world. Are there threats? Sure! One of the bigggest threats for possums is the domestic cat.

But you know what? Many possums still live for years and years. You can discover more about the world while also protecting yourself. Perhaps you need to take up some outdoor activities such as bushwalking.

The spiritual symbolism here is that the possum enjoys both the freedom of discovery, paired with the security of limitations. It takes its time to explore its world before finding itself into a safe haven.

Such beautiful animals are popular with children. They love to see these at night with their torches. Did you know that if you hug a tree, then the possum won’t run up it? The things you learn as a child…

Seeing Possums While Dreaming

You might have had a dream about a possum recently. What did it mean? Well, this indicates that you haven’t been exploring the world as much as you should be. Go out there and do much more, instead of sleep-walking your way through life. The possum visited you when you were sleeping to remind you to live a more fulfilling life, and it may have actually been present with you physically too.

Don’t ignore the message here. You have probably lived a life that is too sheltered for far too long. It’s time to go out into the world with more freedom and fulfillment like never before!

You may wish to reach for a piece of paper and remember what the possum was actually doing. Did you see it going up a tree? Did you accidently run it over with your car? A death could represent the killing of your own aspirations, and it would be wise to break out the white sage right now and have a cleansing ceremony.

You won’t suffer from negative karma but it’s almost certain that you will feel a sense of angst. This is why ackowledging the animal and its transition into the spiritual world is so needed to help you find peace and healing in the moment.

Possum Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re the type that really enjoys taking risks. You’ll be the first in line to try something new yet don’t place judgement on those who don’t try. After all, it’s their life and yours is very different.

Being surrounded by the right people is also important to you. While they might not try everything that you do, you don’t want to be around those who simply want to hang around at home all day.

Possum Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Others get annoyed by you as they discover what you have been up to when they weren’t around. You’re a bit secretive in your pursuits and might return from a 2-month holiday to Asia without telling anyone you had even left!

You really love to be free and this sometimes can get you in trouble. There is danger lurking in some places that you’ve decided to go to despite the better judgements of others. Thus, they might mock you behind your back.

Going forward

Possums are such a beautiful creature. So inquisive and so excited to explore more. From tree to tree, to fences, roofs and even cars, you’ll see them wanting to find out more about what their world offers.

They love to do this when no one is watching too. Perhaps this is the spiritual message for you. What can you start doing today that needs no attention? Even a few hours outside in nature this week would be refreshing for the soul.

Get started today and start creating a brighter future. As you do, you allow others to shine!

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