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How Do You Practice Ho’oponopono?

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Ho’oponopono is a powerful indigenous Hawaiian meditation prayer that has risen in popularity across the world. We’ll show you how it works.

The 4-Step Practice of Ho’oponopono

You’ve probably just discovered this ancient practice and are eager to know the meaning.

To keep things simple, you can practice Ho’oponopono in just 4 easy steps:

  1. Repentance. Here’s where you’ll say “I’m Sorry.”
  2. Forgiveness. Here’s where you’ll say “Please Forgive Me.”
  3. Gratitude. Here’s where you’ll say “Thank You.”
  4. Love. Here’s where you’ll say “I Love You.”

The pratice is really that simple. There is no need for you to complicate this at all.

Practice of Ho'oponopono

How it works is that if you think the right thoughts, then life unfolds as intended. Yes – this is very similar to the Law of Attraction. As you say the words internally, you certainly feel the power in alignment towards the natural order of the world and indeed your own self too. The universe was designed this way.

How to use Ho’oponopono

There are multiple ways to use Ho’oponopono in your day-to-day practice.

You can use this divine prayer to manifest more abundance into your life, heal yourself from past negative experiences and flow love out into the universe. Healing from the troubles of past relationships is the most common reason why people, and in particular, women, use Ho’oponopono. If you have ever felt unloved, then this is for you.

In fact, you don’t ever need to wait for a relationship to end. Use the prayer during the most challenging times of your relationship and feel that healing energy rise up through your 7 chakras. As you heal your soul through internal chanting, you may too heal your relationship.

Using Ho’oponopono to manifest money is rare. This isn’t a prayer specifically for manifesting riches into your life and the Law of Attraction money quotes are better suited. Ho’oponopono is a healing and forgiveness prayer designed to bring you back into divine harmony.

When to use Ho’oponopono

You can use Ho’oponopono at anytime. When you’re feeling lost, confused, unloved, uncherished or simply at times when you’re in a moody state of mind. Find your safe space and practice this chant constantly.


It’s best to use Ho’oponopono when:

  • You’re stuck in a bad situation where someone has toxic energy
  • You are thinking negative thoughts which aren’t enrinching your life
  • You’ve been a witness to a tragic event like the death of a human or animal
  • Others have said bad things about your character to knock your confidence
  • During bad interactions at your workplace. This can bring you back into alignment.

There isn’t a set time when you should or shouldn’t use this prayer. While it’s most common to use it before bedtime, many people chant Ho’oponopono when shopping, walking down the street, driving to and from work or attending a yoga class.

Don’t wait for the perfect time to start chanting. After all, it’s a silent chant that happens internally and is designed to enrich your soul and cause an awakening.

Why Do We Chant It?

So now that we know how and when to use this divine prayer, let’s examine why this is useful.

The purpose behind Ho’oponopono is to forgive others which are connected to us. We rid ourselves of their toxic energy and are able to move again freely in this world in a place of love, connection and positive light. Often it feels like a renewed connection where harmony is restored between both parties.

In some ways, Ho’oponopono is the perfect way to forgive someone without ever talking to them. We know that such confrontations can be awkward, so yes, you can certainly forgive someone without needing to talk to them.

Ho’oponopono is quite effective at not just forgiveness but also reducing our stress. Often we’ll have an improved mental outlook and harmony in our relationships between others, including those who have caused us no pain.

There is so much to gain and so little to lose. Ho’oponopono is a free prayer that is available to each and every single one of us with several studies showing a greater insight into this divine power.

The Science Behind Ho’oponopono

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is considered by many to be the person who popularized the popular Ho’oponopono mantra. He has written several books on the topic including Zero Limits and Blue Ice.

His story is legendary in that he cured every patient in the criminally-insane ward of a hospital in Hawaii many years ago. Many compare him to Joe Vitale among others.

Psychology Today discusses further the impacts of this prayer and Dr Hew Len’s continuing work.

Going forward

We believe that life is too short to walk around with such heavy baggage. Unfortunately, many people are. Those negative thoughts often spurred on by others causes us to live a life that holds us back.

If there’s one tool available to us that can literally heal such challenges, it’s simply Ho’oponopono. In our experience, the perfect meditation which you can do at anytime…not just in a yoga studio.

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