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Manduka Prolite vs Manduka Pro: Which One Is Best?

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Let’s compare Manduka Pro with Prolite as both are competing for the same customer. Both are sustainable and built to last, but which is best for yoga?

Great question. We’ve created this unbiased review and direct product comparison.

Manduka Prolite vs Manduka Pro

Let’s get into the straight differences between the two mats:

SizeTwo sizes:
Standard 60cm x 180cm
Long 60cm x 200cm
Two sizes:
Standard 71″ by 26″
XL 85″ by 26″
ThicknessThinner (4.7mm)Thicker
WeightLighter (4lbs)Heavier (7.5lbs and 9.5lbs)
This is the direct comparison between Manuka Prolite and Pro
Manduka Prolite vs Manduka Pro product comparison

Each mat has a variety of colors for both men and women, and we’ve noticed the Pro to have more patterns while the Prolite has solid colors. Each has avoided the use of open-cell designs which hold bacteria and both are made in professional facilities.

Manduka Prolite

This yoga mat is made from environmentally harmful PVC material which we discourage being the eco-conscious warriors that we are. However, the density is very high and excellent grip is something that many individuals have reported, but also complained about as well.

Given that it’s thinner, you’ll inheritly feel the floor beneath your feet much more. That thin design also translates to being easier to carry as it rolls up tight and light.

Manduka Pro

We do like the Manduka Pro much more despite it costing almost twice the price. While it does use PVC as well, it’s eco-certified and has an incredible build quality.

The challenge is the weight. It’s simply denser and thicker, and therefore it’s also quite heavy to carry around between yoga classes. For many yogis, this isn’t something to be bothered about.

Which one to choose?

So then with that in mind, which one should you choose?

It’s really not that complicated and we feel it’s worth spending the extra on the Manduka Pro instead of the Prolite. Not only will you get a better yoga mat, but you’ll also be more environmentally conscious too.

But then it’s also based on some intrinsic characteristics:

Your preferred style of yoga

If you’re doing Vinyasa or Bikram then we’d choose the Pro version easily. If you’re doing less sweaty styles of yoga then the Prolite version is enough to get by for now.

Mat Length

Manduka’s Pro yoga mat is longer than their Prolite version. If you’re a taller person, then it’s obvious as to which one you’d choose.

Mat Thickness

As we’ve mentioned, the more expensive mat is also thicker. If you need that extra depth and padding then choose the Pro version, but if you really want to feel the wooden floor then choose the Prolite version.


The Manduka Pro is 2″ wider than the Prolite. If you’re a taller person then you’ll certainly appreciate the extra width that this yoga mat has available.

Your experience

For those new to yoga and are on a budget, the Prolite version sounds like a great option. However, the Pro option has more padding and if your knees or joints have issues then you’ll appreciate the comfort and durability of the Pro version.

In summary

Both mats here are excellent value and made by a remarkable company. Prolite is the ‘light’ version of the Pro and still packs some great quality benefits for the end-user. You really can’t go wrong here.

Each has a lifetime warranty and both, as professional yoga mats, don’t stretch or sink in like exercise mats. Essentially, you’ve picked a yoga brand with a strong social presence and both mats deliver excellent value.

As for us, we’ve gone for the Manduka Pro as we believe the price is justified with value.

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