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The Queen of Pentacles Reversed: What Does It Mean?

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The Queen of Pentacles means that we need to reflect and relax to see our progress on the journey behind us. You deserve this moment of relaxation.

If you keep chasing your dreams, then time for reflection is exactly what you desire. This tarot card is ideally yours.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed

There are a lot of ambitious people in the world. They strive for more…and so they should! There is so much to acquire in the world, and it isn’t just material posessions either.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed meaning

The real accomplishment comes from the feeling. Knowing that you gave it your all and didn’t quit in the face of adversity. That type of contentment is well earned.

If you have been through real challenges in your life, then there is no guilt to be found in merely reflecting on the past. Take this time to savour the moment as they dont’ come around often enough.

Card meaning

The Queen of Pentacles reversed is a Yes card. We have done many psychic readings and give preference towards the Rider-Waite series as they are the world standard. You are welcome to use another deck if you please.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed psychic reading today

We see the Queen on her beautiful throne. It’s elegant and poise with a strong touch of feminism. This means that all things are built with both a stable foundation and love for all living beings.

She’s also wearing a beautiful red dress. This represents the desire for protection. Growth requires agility yet protection so we don’t absorb the negative energy of others which surround us.

Surrounding her is an elegant garden. It’s a representation of the things that ground around us during the journey and only after we reflect, that we can actually witness such progress.

For you, things have been blooming. It’s time to smell the roses.

Pausing moments

You don’t need to take a long pause. Some people go on holidays for months! For you, even just a few hours break is necessary to relax and rejuvenate. Go and bask in the sun or to a kundalini yoga class. Either way – it’s a time to pause.

Likewise, remove your distractions. We love our dopamine response that our phones give, but realistically they give nothing! Remove your notifications from this experience. Some people reach for the gratitude journal and indeed, that’s a mighty fine idea!

You are here now to enjoy your very own garden. Even if such little has grown, you have still made progress. You matter on this earth and your contribution doesn’t go unnnoticed. Worries and fears can dissipate in this moment of reasoning.

Powering on

When you do find the patience to sit and bask in wonder, you’ll inheritly recharge those batteries of your mind, body and soul. While others keep powering forward, this relaxation period is necessary to your growth.

From here, you’ll have a fresh start for the next round. A chance to power on to new heights and accelerate past others through conscious manifesting.

Don’t knock yourself for this relaxation in the journey. You needed this! Things are bloosoming. Perhaps it isn’t the growth you needed, but this recharing period will give you the energy to accomplish much more.

Future growth

Most people worry about the past or future. Very few people focus on the present. By coming to the present moment and remembering how far you’ve progressed, you can finally relax.

Tarot card Pentacles series

This is what life is truly about. You’ve achieved so much already even if your conscious/rational mind doesn’t want to believe this. It wants you to feel guilty about taking a break that you deserve.

Dont’ worry – soon you can please the rational mind with more work. For now though, it’s time for stillness and peace.

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