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The Rainbow Lorikeet Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The rainbow lorikeet spirit animal is native to Australia, particularly in Queensland, NSW, VIC and SA. It may resonate with you if you are happy in your beauty and essence.

Many people are curious about this animal. After all, it’s definitely a wonderful animal to encounter in the wild.

The Rainbow Lorikeet presents the part of ourselves that needs to come alive and shine. We simply cannot keep living a quiet existence, since we were really born to shine. The spiritual symbolism of the Rainbow Lorikeet harmonizes with those who are in the alternative and healing space, and who love to really express their inner voice without fear or judgement.

You’re probably the type to talk and laugh if this resonates with you, and you’re certainly comfortable in your own skin.

Most Common Rainbow Lorikeet Totems

You’re the type that loves to hang in the rainforests and enjoy seeing new sights. Similar to the lorini, coconut lorikeet and trichoglossus, the spirit animal here speaks of being wild and free.

Most Common Rainbow Lorikeet Totems

Indeed many hippies do feel that this is their animal totem and especially those in Byron Bay and Northern NSW. This bird just feels so alive and at peace with being wild and adored.

A strong meaning here is that you need to really step forward into the place where you can truly express yourself. There is no value in playing small or simply staying inside. You were born free!

We cannot allow the judgements of frustrations of others to get in our way. Sure – some people dislike the fact that we are able to be internally and externally happy in our own skin, but we can’t let their thoughts transfer into our soul. Life is too short!

Seeing Rainbow Lorikeets in dreams

Did you just wake up from a dream? Was there a Rainbow Lorikeet there? This is a sign that you need to increase your tone of voice and pitch. You simply can’t be a quiet soul that is hiding away.

Did you see this rainbow lorikeet in your dream?

The Rainbow Lorikeet visited you in your dream last night to remind you to speak up when others won’t. You’ve got a gift that needs to be shared with the world. Your playing small isn’t serving anyone, so it’s really time to rise up today!

Positive and Negative Traits

There are some great things to say about the rainbow lorikeet and some negative things too. After all, spiritual symbolism has to recognize the good and the bad.

On the upside, people admire you for who you are. Being comfortable in your own skin and displaying such beautiful colours is something so few people can do. You might be outgoing or introverted, but you’re just simply happy and delighted that the world exists and you simply want to do more to uplift humanity.

On the downside, people can claim that you’re lazy. You probably aren’t working long hours and care so little about the future. You live in the present and simply care about mother nature and doing good in the world today, instead of looking after your finances. Others take low shots because they have jealousy issues.

Remember that you can’t do anything to help those who dislike you. After all, you’ve found the source of happiness and will do your best to bring more joy into the world.

Going forward

The Rainbow Lorikeet truly is the Australian bird for those in the healing arts space. It’s loud yet beatiful and certainly comfortable in its own skin. It loves to laugh and chatter about while staying in its flock for years.

Essentially, this is the time for you to unlock the gate and remove the baggage. What is really holding you back right now from expressing yourself?

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