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The Raven Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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Having a raven coming into your existence, you’re likely to experience some beauty and magic beyond your current ceilings.

This is a time to expect great change and bringing the best into reality. Get ready to feel your deepest power come to fruition and your greatest healing.

Raven Spirit Animal Meanings

The raven animal totem reminds us to dive deeper into those inner questions. After all, this bird is considered to be a keeper of secrets and works as a conduit between earth and the heavens above.

If we’re seeking change in our life then now its time to put in the motion to make things happen. That’s the inner work and it’s how we’ll eventually soar once we lose the baggage.

The most common spirit animal meanings for the raven are:

  1. Self-reflection
  2. Healing and preservation
  3. Starting fresh
  4. Connection between worlds
  5. Magic and self-realization

This animal assures you that change is on the horizon and the time to start changing is now. While the raven lives predominantly at night, it’s still a beacon for light in the darkest of times.

Raven Spirit Animal: Positive Traits

You’re the type that can do well on their own even in the darkest of times. You’re strong and fear is almost not on the radar.

Being alone is your strongest desire because that sense of quietness allows your emotions to thrive. Even if you were paid a handsome amount of money, you’d rather be away from the noise and distractions that the modern-world provides.

For this reason, people find they’re able to get closer to you. You’re centred and focused only on them and no one else.

Raven Spirit Animal: Negative Traits

You choice to take the solo path means that others often don’t allow you into their circles. At times, they feel a sense of fear towards your unique style.

There is often a sense of inconsideration for others and their feelings. You’ll come across as being insensitive and lose trust given your often dark energy.

In Summary

Perhaps this is a time for you to conquer your fears. After all, there’s something big waiting for you on the other side.

New opportunities are awaiting you, but first, you must believe in yourself. Stay curious and creative, and you never know what might come!

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