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Retreat Guru Review: Is It Worth Using?

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Retreat Booking Guru claims to be helpful for yoga retreats needing to manage their bookings, but is it worth actually using?

This is a good question as in most cases, you can book directly. Many such retreat centres choose to use this platform instead and it’s clear to see why.

This company has been running since 1998 and has the world’s largest collection of authentic wellness retreats. Since then they have built a community of 65,000+ events, retreats, teachers and organizations around the world spanning 146 countries.

Retreat Guru Review

Here at Yocean Yogi, we’re very transparent. We have no commercial or business relationship at play with our review of Retreat Guru. Essentially, there is no paid partnership here.

We’re simply going to give you the facts and they’ve very much unbiased because we’re about the ethics here.

Retreat Guru Review
Beach yoga schools are popular on Retreat Guru

Blue Mandala was the original name and later was re-branded as Retreat Guru. Through this platform, you’ll find authentic retreats and re-connection with both yourself and others all across the world.

Whether that’s Thailand, Australia, Bali, Mexico, India or a host of other well-known yoga hotspots, there is something for everyone. Most of their classes are in English though they also have native speakers and translators too.

Types of retreats

You know what? While we go to a yoga retreat to escape, it isn’t just about the yoga. You can learn about plant medicine, health and nutrition, creativity, spirituality and partake in adventures such as learning to surf.

Some people use their platform to also find yoga teacher training classes, whether the 200 Hatha and Vinyasa YTT training course or simply become a teacher of meditation. It’s all here.

Yoga schools on their platform are vetted with solid background checks to ensure authenticity. Certainly Retreat Guru has built themselves a solid reputation in this space to offer students some real experiences in the field.

Perhaps you’re into something a bit different. Well – they have shamanic and detox retreats as well as retreats exclusively for women. Imagine chanting Sa Ta Na Ma all day long! That is simply bliss. Clearly they’re catering towards everyone here, including those who want to go on sailing yoga retreats!

We would love to see some tantra retreats on their platform as well as Permaculture. Imagine! Permaculture + yoga…it’s the ultimate combination!


There aren’t many complaints about Retreat Guru. It’s a rock-solid platform. Sometimes there are unexpected charges that students experienced after paying.

On occasions, we’ve noticed their retreats cancelled at the last minute. This was a vendor decision and not something that was within the control of Retreat Guru, though they work with the students to ensure a fair outcome.

They also don’t have every single retreat on the planet on there. Some companies choose not to use their platform for one reason or another, but the bulk are certainly on there.

All in all – there are thousands of positive customer experiences and reviews online. Clearly this is one company heading in the right direction.

Final verdict

So then, should you use Retreat Booking Guru? If you value fair pricing and authentic yoga retreats, then sure! They do the background research to ensure the facility you’re visiting is actually legitimate.

You see – there are places which aren’t actually real. These countries have worked out the booming yoga industry brings in cashed-up yogis from western countries who are looking for an experience. These days there are scams within the yoga industry and so it’s platforms like this where you’re worth paying the extra 15% for total peace of mind.

Using Retreat Booking Guru
Using Retreat Booking Guru can help you find connection with yourself and others.

After all, you’re going for a retreat to relax, not to have to worry in the back of your mind as to whether what you’re experiencing is actually real. Retreat Guru certainly has you covered there.

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