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Sarah Beth Yoga App Review: Is It Worth It?

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Sarah Beth’s Yoga Membership App has hundreds of students inside, but is it any good? We did the research to write up this detailed review of her program.

Because spending extra on what’s already on YouTube sounds excessive for some people. After all, Sarah has already put so much content and yoga videos out there.

But then again, something extra could be waiting for you. So we decided to take a look.

Sarah Beth Yoga App Membership Review

One of the best things you could ever do for yourself is yoga. For the calmness of the mind through to flexibility, tonality and strength, yoga radically transforms lives.

For many of us, we head to YouTube in order to find tutorials. We want to see people who have been through the journey before us.

Instead of going along to a class and risk being late, we can simply practice in our own time at home. But there comes with that a catch: Commitment.

And that very same commitment stops people from buying Sarah Beth’s Membership program. And fair call – she already provides an impressive amount of content on YouTube.

So then, we decided to look inside.

Using the Sarah Beth Yoga App

Inside the yoga app

The app is quite extensive. The part we loved the most is the layout. So easy and clean to navigate around so we could find the classes we were most interested in.

Inside the Sarah Beth Yoga App

There are member only sections where you won’t find the content that she’s posted on her YouTube channel. Likewise the calendars come in very handy.

For the guys, the app appears to be quite popular with about 20% of men choosing to become enrolled in the app. How do we know? The community is alive and well:

Sarah Beth membership premium content

Access to her Facebook group is restricted to those who are currently paying members. This way you can be surrounded by those also on the same journey and experiencing the same challenges.

Sarah has a solid focus on prenatal yoga and morning routines and these are sometimes filmed on the beach. Most importantly, she’s really geared this for beginner and intermediate students. Need to sleep? There’s a bedtime routine exclusively available in the app too.


Needless to say, we do enjoy this app though it is a bit expensive. Adriene’s app is $10 per month while Sarah is charging $30 per month.

To be fair, let’s compare the two:

Yoga with Adriene MembershipSarah Beth App
Price per month$10$30
Price per year$100$248
Number of students500+300+
Number of videos300+400+
Channel subs6 million700 thousand
Overall reviews4.5 stars4.5 stars
Comparison of Do What Feels Good Membership vs Sarah Beth App

Now we’re not affiliated with either educator. We do feel Adriene provides more value but Sarah has an audience who really engages with her too. Sarah Beth’s net worth is approximately $2,000,000 and her students are often worth around this same figure without money being a restriction.

In other words, they aren’t searching for a review online addressing the Sarah Beth App and membership site. The cost isn’t an issue for them at all.

Yet there are those who are simply getting by each week in their journey, yet they still join.

And for $30/month it’s good value. However, our main criticism is that students simply do online classes without a 100% commitment. We would recommend that you use online training as a substitute for genuine yoga studios with other yogis for maximum benefits.

Who’s it for?

The app caters for the individual who’s time-poor and doesn’t want to go down to the studio. 11pm yoga sessions? You’ve got it. Don’t wanna see that weird guy at the studio? Sarah’s app is for you. There are really many upsides here.

Avoid using this on your mobile phone and instead hook it up to a television. In fact, turn your phone off completely just like a real yoga studio setting. You don’t want to be distracted.

As Sarah says, just 5 minutes a day of yoga is better than nothing at all.

In summary

Using the Sarah Beth Yoga App can be life changing and is worth the money for those who can afford it in their weekly budget. At the same time, there is plenty of YouTube content for those who are running a bit lean.

With any online yoga membership sites or apps, it all comes down to genuine commitment to your journey and practice. Don’t look at this in terms of 2 weeks but progress over the next 3 to 5 years.

Now in 2020, there are hundreds of students who have used this app and have given solid positive reviews about the Sarah Beth Membership. It’s a solid program for those serious in their journey.

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